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im not doing this to be funny, marijuana helps a bunch it relaxes your muscles and helps you fall asleep, works every time

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I think youre right. Maybe I should drink a small tea of it.

Officer McDaniel

is that not illegal?


Yeah it is, but it's the best natural herb. Who doesn't love it? Marijuana is the new tobacco.


Yes I agree, MJ can cure almost all illnesses, I wish they would go ahead and legalize it, since our government is the biggest pushers anyway. The only reason why it's in this country is because most of it comes from Uncle Sam, they pretend that its not but don't believe it.


Well, I suffer from Migraines and was a medical marijuana user when I lived in CA. After a few days of a headache, I got my card went to the dispensary and he gave me a liquid remedy that cured me instantly. I started crying it was such a relief. They have different types of MJ for different ailments and the edibles are great also. The street stuff doesn't cut it. It truly works.


i would agree but ive been doing that and it didnt work


marijuana just makes my head hurt worse.if i do that my head will pound even harder.and then i will start hearing drums then i will go insane and start tossing and turning like im from the mental ward.sounds crazy but for me its totally true.


you suck! stop being illegal and stop talking illegal! your mouth holds the consistency of weird illegal thingis! so keep you breath to yourself,,,


I dont know bout y'all, but I work at a professional job, one where you actually have to take a drug test to be employed at. This was no help to me at all, but hey, to each their own.


let me give you a pièce of advice, marijuanas is illégal because it is a sycosis drug, doesnt work good for everybody, it workd good for some people but for other like myself can make Life misérable, i am allergic to marijuana, i cannot get even closer to the smell of it because i Will star having a horrible headashe, i Will going paranoic and very nervious, like an anxiety attack, or when you are very drunk in a bad trip, i wish my body would take it well as for you..but anyway is a drug that affect your brain for the worse

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