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yellow mustard - has tumeric (like the Indian curry). wash it down with hot water.

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OMG!!! Thank you sooooo much for posting this!!! I have been hurting for 2days, after trying multiple over the counter gas reliefs I was starting to consider hospital. Before making up my mind I googled remedies..saw the mustard post, tried it IT WORKED!!!! THANK YOU AGAIN


Omg it just made me so sick doing 2 tbsp yellow mustard, warm water- made me start sweating bad and very nauseated - throwing up and still have severe gas pains in chest, abdomin and back :( Note: Had Duodenal Switch weight loss surgery 4 years ago. DS WLS and that may have something to do with my bodies reaction. I'm so miserable right now. Definately made me feel worse.

Rita78 dot

happily belching

Just took the mustard and hot water...I belched immediately and I can feel the gas breaking up.

Thanks for this post


I love mustard, so this was a no brainer for me to try... Its working, pretty quickly too.

Sean from Trinidad and Tobago

OMG.. This really works!!! I have been suffering with gas for a long time now and nothing works especially OTC drugs. Sometimes it feels like I am getting a heart attack. I tried the mustard after reading this thread ( while searching for information from other sufferers)
This works, it really does


I'M SHOCKED...and I am NO LONGER IN DISTRESS! I have suffered years of abdominal pains due to gas and I have resorted to all the normal processes. But today I was at work and I couldn't just leave and I started working google and by GOD'S MERCY ran across this site. I truly thought it was too good to be true. BUT IT WORKED...IT REALLY WORKED...UNBELIEVEABLE!


Ok so about an hour ago i started suffering severe gas pains.... I googled remedies and saw this post... I found that tumeric was good for it.. well did u know tumeric is in yellow mustard? 2 tablespoons of yellow mustard (swallowed straight) and then a glass of warm/hot water later.... NO pain... OMG i was so skeptic but it actually works


So I took the spoonful and then some of mustard. My stomachs making a lot of noise now. I hate gas so I didn't feel like instant relief, and my pain my lower down the digestive system if you can take a hint haha. Keep in mind, if you feel sick to your stomach ,this could trigger you to vomit. Also if you dont like mustard a lot then you might not enjoy it and feel ill. If you get sick afterwards or dont feel better soon, you're most likely sick. I understand how this could work for some people. I will definitely try this again and recommend it.


I did start burping. I think this may be a success. Mind my spelling errors in my last comment, what I meant to say is the pain is in my lower region. What I forgot to say is if you have actually gas out your bottom, it might take like 15-20 to work. If there is any air in your stomach though, it apparently comes up! Cheers


OMG!! I wish I had of known about this years ago!! Years of tears and extreme pain. Years of taking GasX pills when mustard actually worked better and faster. Thank you to whoever posted this!!

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