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yellow mustard - has tumeric (like the Indian curry). wash it down with hot water.

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You mean to say take musted with warm water???


My daughter was crying and exhausted from not being able to sleep due to gas. I saw these posts and gave her a spoonful of yellow mustard. 15 minutes later she's fast asleep. Thanks ya'll.


AMAZING INSTANT relief! wow I had horrible chest and stomach pains, i tried gas pills, pepto and was desperate for relief so I tried the mustard and washed it down with hot water and almost instantly the pain was gone!!!


Ok I saw this post friday night after hurting all day and was skeptical but I was like what the hay its free and worth a try and I know within 20 minutes I was feeling great I actually dozed off when I could not sleep at all at first and woke up and was like wow where did the pain and discomfort go? Thank you so much for this post I have been telling everybody.


Worked for me! I was in such bad pain and tried Gas-X, but no relief. This worked within 10-15 min.


ive been having gas pains for a couple days and came across this home remedy. i was a little hesitant but i was willing to try anything at this point. i took 2 tbls of mustard and washed it down with warm water. GAS PAINS ARE GONE! i recommend this to anyone who is having gas / gas pains. it really does work! thank you so much!!!!


Totally worked! I had some tumeric so used about half a teaspoon of that and washed it down with hot water. In about 15 minutes the super painful gas was gone. Thank you!


I didn't try it but tums helps me and if u co almost a back bend where your heads on the gound and butt in the air it helps!!


:) it works!!!


Thanks so much! This really worked.

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