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yellow mustard - has tumeric (like the Indian curry). wash it down with hot water.

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This really helped me! Thanks for the advice. I used 2 tblspoons and washed it down with hot water. It took a few minutes but really helped get me out of pain.


I used 2 TBSPs of the yellow mustard then washed it down with HOT water. I felt gas ALL day until now. TY TY TY. This really helped me!

H. L.

Wow! I was in so much pain from gas. Every step I took made it hurt worse. I tried getting on all fours and hanging half way off my bed. Neither of those worked. I did the mustard and hot water and it was almost instant relief! I am amazed and thankful I found this! Thank you!

mz. kitty

OMG... just when i thought i'd heard/seen it all. My first thought was, MUSTARD... REALLY! And now after trying it myself, i'm totally convinced that it does work... and my pains were in my chest by then... BIGG UPS AND TY's !!!

Mustard 4 life

The mustard really does work!


Yes! thank u! it does work.

Mom in Arizona

My 6 year old daughter was experiencing bad gas at 10pm at night. I didnt want to go to the store, so I googled, natural remedies for gas pain and whalla. Tumeric in hot water or mustard in hot water. I have both, so I mixed it in a little hot water and within 15 mins or less she was no longer curled up in pain and smiling. What a relief. Thank you so much.


So amazing. Boyfriend suffering from gas and wont take anything. I read this and force him to eat 2 tbsp of mustard and half a coffee mug of warm water..10mins completely better. Thanks so much!


I too thought it was crazy,but had chest pain and would try anything!It worked!Didn't think l could eat mustard(only had dijon)but the hot water helped,next visit to the store,tumeric is on the list thanks


Had bad gas asked my friend who is the mother of two children what she suggested. She recommended a tablesppon of mustard, of course I thought she was crazy, but I tried it anyway. Within 15 minutes it worked..WOW

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