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Ok guys I went through all the Ear Congestion remedies for my mother and I can tel you what we did just a few moments ago and it WORKED!!!! She is already hearing better!!! My mom has been having ear troubles for about 2 weeks. I literally have to scream(well, talk VERY loudly for her to hear me. This did not stem from a cold just simply ear congestion.

1st. I heated up rice in a sock and she laid on each side with the sock against her ear for several minutes. Well, that didn't help her hearing but she said it felt good :)
2nd. I poured straight peroxide in each of her ears then wadded up a cotton ball to keep the liquid in and let it do its job.
3rd. After a few minutes I took q-tips and pulled out WADS of ear wax!! It took several to get it all out. (Please don't stick it too far inside your ear canal because that can cause pain and make your ear drum bleed.)
Finally, I heated the 'rice sock' up again and she is laying on that again (alternating sides) at this moment.

That's the steps I took. When I pulled out all the ear wax she was already hearing better. She could hear me when I was talking at a normal level. The 'rice sock' I used for the second time more for her comfort than anything. But I can say personally this worked so good. She can hear better than she has in a long time. Thank you for the ideas that I got from this site. I wanted to share what worked for me and I know it will help someone else with the same problem. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!!!

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how much peroxide?


never use q-tips in your ear canal!!! it can cause infection and problems!


No way should peroxide go into your ear canal!!


If you are using the Hydrogen Peroxide in the ear make sure it is the grade that is safe to be used on skin otherwise it can cause seriouu burning


What is this Youtube url that you are talking about. How do I get to your page?


Yes, Q-Tips should not be stuck very far into ears, (if at all) for they may jam wax, etc. up against the eardrum.

If a Q-Tip is gently put into the ear only a little ways with a slight twisting motion, they may 'latch onto' already loosened wax.

Key being 'very gently', and 'not very deeply'.


Wanted to add: Q-Tips are a bit thick and stiff... As an alternative, one may twist clean tissue/toilet paper into a thin rope like finger, which if gently turned into ear canal (same direction as the twist),can kinda scoop out or absorb loose wax or water/fluid. Best to make 'paper finger' about half the thickness of a Q-Tip and twist only tight enough so it's barely stiff enough to push while turning...and go very slowly/gently and not so deep that it causes pain.

Also have a tool that resembles a dental tool but with a 'wire loop' on the end instead of a 'pick'. But since this is quite rigid - extreme care must be taken not to insert it too far.

And because some have gone too far with such 'tools',and injured themselves, it is commonly recommended that one should not put any object into their ear canal.

Certainly would not recommend, if one lacks steady hands with a goodly amount of gentle dexterity.

Toney and other information

Weeeee haw I'll be darned! It worked


It didnt work for me.????

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