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When you have a Stye in your eye, just apply a little bit of YOUR urine to clear it up. I can tell you that getting a small amount of fresh urine on a cotton wool ball and applying it to styes, works a treat-your stye will be gone in a few hours-may need a couple of applications though. It has always worked for me. :)

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Simply get a cotton q-tip dio in tea tree oil rub around infected area try not to get in your eye have a cold damp wash cloth near by and hokd over tge stye for a few minutes afterwards within 10 minutes all soreness will vanish and tge swelling will reduce drastically. Do this a few times a day also once swelling has gone down put a warm compress over affected eye. I switch from heat pack to ice pack. This has been the fastest most effective treatment ive foubd, works every time. The swelling and pain is gone so fast. No bad side effects either


Gross, yes I agree. But it really works! :)


It sounds gross but it works but those who havent tried it wouldnt know ;)


Works for pink eye too


What if the stye is INSIDE your eyelid. Can this remedy still be used?

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