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When you have a Stye in your eye, just apply a little bit of YOUR urine to clear it up. I can tell you that getting a small amount of fresh urine on a cotton wool ball and applying it to styes, works a treat-your stye will be gone in a few hours-may need a couple of applications though. It has always worked for me. :)

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are you the girl from my strange addictions that uses urine for everything?


You got to be kidding me hell no I'm not puting urine in my eye it has bacteria do you have any common sense


Urine is sterile. It works for jellyfish stings, why not try it for this? Wish I had read this five minutes ago, though. Now I have to wait to start treatment!


Urine is sterile and works for earaches as well! If u have a bad earache pour a small amount into the ear and it will vanish almost immediately


Are you freakin kidding me ? Anyone putting pee in their eyes is a total idiot. Do you realize its called 'waste' for a reason? Im glad I dont know you,cuz I would be afraid to touch you. People like you give germaphobes a reason to be germaphobes.I hope you at least WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!!


I kept a open mind and tried the urine after a few hours it was no better the tried rubbing my poo on my eye lid 2nd fail of home remedy after all these attempts and stye still present I got my period blood on a cotton tip and applied it to the stye in minutes I felt relive best result for healing a stye


Really would like to know which ridiculas person thought it was a good idea to pee in ur eye....


After 58 years of living with other humans I don't know why it still surprises me to hear such infantile reactions to a simple fact: in certain applications your own urine is the best, most perfect medicine you can use. I first learned about this when I was 17 and my (highly respected) medicinal herbalism teacher shared his 'urine as medicine' experiences in Vietnam with his class. Subsequently, the wife of a very public figure (he was a prominent bishop in the Episcopal church)kept her self alive while crossing a mid-eastern desert on foot by drinking her own urine - her husband, Bishop James Pike, died waiting for her. Urine is not gross, it is not yucky, it is not is the perfect balance of mineral salts and appropriate ph for YOU - not for anyone else. It can heal wounds, dissolve growths, cure kidney-related diseases - it has even been reputed to cure cancers and has been an agent for healing for thousands of years. It's only in the last 100 or so years that we have been programmed to think of our own urine as 'dirty'. Of course, for those of you who feel compelled to belittle the prospect of something you don't understand at all, it is wise to note that the same is not true of feces. Urine goes through an involved and complex filtering process in the body - feces is what is left over. I haven't tried urine on the stye I have but I'm going to just as soon as I get off the computer and want to thank the original poster for reminding me of what is always at hand for my own healing.


And by the way....if you're at all interested in learning something new about your own body, you might consider reading a book called, 'The Water of Life' by James W. Armstrong.


As a naturopath I have used urine therapy for normal styes. It works! NB: it must be the first morning urination and mid-stream for cleanest, most alkalinising product. Commenters who seem grossed out may have little understanding of the workings of the body and maybe should go back to conventional remedies.

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