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When you have a Stye in your eye, just apply a little bit of YOUR urine to clear it up. I can tell you that getting a small amount of fresh urine on a cotton wool ball and applying it to styes, works a treat-your stye will be gone in a few hours-may need a couple of applications though. It has always worked for me. :)

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I don't think so. Heine goes in a toilet. Not in my eye.


That is nasty


Ya it might sound nasty but it is the truth. You have no idea of all the benefits of using your own urine to cure something.


Yes, this is the best! All you squeamish people , try to be a little open minded and try it the next time you have a stye!


does that work for only when it is just now trying to start? or any time durring an infection?


Urine has an acid PH, therefore it will kills microorganism. If you are a relatively healthy person, you can treat many things with your own urine.


OK, I kept and open mind and tried this, but it is not working - at least not according to the 'few hours' claim. It's been over 15 hours and 3 treatments later and the sty is still there, same size. Am I doing it wrong? I urinated in a cup, then used cotton ball to absorb the urine and rubbed it on my eyelid. I repeated a few times to sort of saturate it. Then, used a dry cotton ball to dry off so that I could open my eye again.

Has this really worked for anyone else? If it hasn't worked by now, should I just try another treatment?


Yes, for those pesky sties, if the 1st round of urine doesn't do the trick, follow up by smearing a small amount of human feces on your eyelid. That should do the trick.

Of course, I'm just kidding and this does sound gross and ridiculous. Even if urine is acidic, doesn't mean it would penetrate the skin in some way that would be effective even if to say it would be effective even if it were to penetrate.

To me, sounds more like someone said, hmmm, I wonder how to cure this without medicine. Maybe if I rub pee in my eye... like that's natures cure or something.

Sounds gross and like bad advice to me. What about an abscess. Gargle with it? Must draw the line somewhere and urine anywhere near my face is too close.


Worked great for me. Thanks for the help!!

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