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Drink 1oz of water for every pound daily or 8 glasses if you dont want to do the math, my dad lost 50 pounds in 3 weeks so can you!

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Din you know water has many other benefits like fallowing this can help lower blood preasure, and help maintain your blood's not a cure so use your med's but it is known to help.


Yes, water is a great, great thing. I bet the reason why so many people are over weight is because they drink too many of those sugary drinks, and not enough water.
Back in the day, that's all people had to drink, besides Tea, and coffee. water will help fill you up, and satisfy your body. My mom and my aunt get constipated all the time, and are laxative addicts. They hardly drink any water!! I'm tellin ya.


Losing weight fast is great. But if someone loses that weight that fast, they usually put it right back on. To lose weight effectively and to keep it off, you are only suppose to lose about 1-2 lbs a week, anything higher than that is unhealthy. Also if you lose weight that fast, your skin doesnt have enough time to tighten back up. I would only recommend this diet if someone is trying to lose 20 lbs in 2 weeks for a wedding or something.


my brother in law lost over 100 pound and he just drank water he was to fat to exercise until he lost weight im not sure exatly what the weight was in the begining but lets say he wore a 6x shirt he went down to a 3x after he lost the 100pounds he did walk everyday after that but thats all he did he said he drank a gallon of water everyday he took it to work and drink it all day long he lost the 100 pounds in a few months

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