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After reading a post on here I tried propolis. I
am very happy to say that it worked for me. I take the Y.S. Eco Bee Farms brand, I got it from a natural food store. It says 70% Ultra strength PROPOLIS on the label. In a tablespoon, I mix 10 drops of the propolis with 1/4 teaspoon of honey as directed. I use something similar to a tooth pick to mix it and I take it twice a day.

I had all the signs of an outbreak when I woke up yesterday morning. I took my morning dose immediately and chose to take my evening dose early in the afternoon. I woke up today without any signs of an outbreak.

Good luck!

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Please help!! I have been to gnc and cvs and can't find it in liquid


If you live near a Whole Foods, they have it.


To the person using Y.S Eco farm 70 % Prppolis, did u use this right before a OB?
Or daily? New to GH and this site. Would appreciate some info.


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