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I used to get terrible acid reflux, tried all medicines, did not helped. Then I stopped drinking Tea, Coffee, Soda Cans completely and started drinking milk with almonds before sleeping. I now get acid reflux very rarely. It's almost gone.

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try eating a red apple. That works fast, and lasts all night....I was shocked on how fast it work.


Hi, my mom is suffering from severe acid reflux and is losing weight rapidly. She's hurting and can't eat anything..
I read your remedy with milk&almonds.
Can I give her almond milk? Do u think that would work.
Any advice is appreciated.

Worried daughter

Covington, Ga - Wifey

A cup of warm water and a teaspoon baking soda really does work. While I'm in the process of losing weight, I know I have to remember my diet. I think I'm going to adapt a red apple with every meal.


Acid reflux can be caused by a lot of different reasons. Things that worked for others might not work for you. You have to keep trying different things until one sticks. For me raw okra juice worked like a charm.. Please give it a shot. Make sure the okra are immature and small and also remove the seeds.

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