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Myself and my 2 young kids all had MRSA boils, reoccuring monthly. I had to have surgery to remove one in my armpit, my kids have been lanced open I can't tell you how many times. We tried the Abx, that just made things worse and alot stronger. I was able to eat raw garlic (minced and crushed and let sit for 15 mins) then swallow with water, and got rid of another one forming in my armpit that would have required surgery again to get rid of it. It was gone in days. I have the kids on pHenomenal water every day and when they get boils I put Black Salve on them. It draws that boil right out, it is amazing! not sure if this is healed or not but we have not had a breakout in months! And that is a long time for us!!! There are alternatives to this!

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Do you guys keep doing it or did you guys stop finally!

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