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I recently moved to California and had never really spent time on a beach, so my boyfriend and I went out on sunday and laid out for probably 2 hours. He didnt listen to me when i told him we needed to stop to get sunblock because it was partly cloudy and windy so he figured it wouldn't be that big of a deal. not long after we left i realized my legs were itching and turning bright red. the next day i went to the beach with my best friend and this time i did use sunblock but not enough of it, the backs of my legs and my back were burnt worse than the front and I could barely even walk because the pain was so bad. I was having chills which were making it feel worse.. by wednesday it felt worse than ever and i came across this site and tried taking a cool bath, which helped for pretty much as long as i was IN the bath.. the next day i tried the hot shower and that was agonizing and hurt worse than before, then i tried to vinegar, no help there.. and finally neosporin.
i can actually walk without feeling like im going to cry.

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Does the neosporin burn?

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