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Jorge Garcia

I have a cavity in one of my molars on my upper right side . It has been bothering me for a little while now and I've gotten to the point where pain has won . A few days ago I had this episode happen , I kept researching home remedies without success until I decided to try my own ( I saw them on this website after) . The hot water with salt trick works for about thirty seconds , it softens the pain but it does come back . The ice pack trick on cheek works but it's not at immediate effect. The Walgreens brand of mouthwash(yellow) minimizes the pain the best ! You will get tired of rinsing your mouth but it makes it tolerable. Hot shower helps a lot ! . The best for the pain has to be amoxicillin . Its about a 36 hr wait from the time you can hold the pain till the point that you feel perfect :). Smoking a cigarette also helps .... It really does. I also reccomend this little teeth cleaning kit which brings a pick that you can use to clean the cavity (food causes the most pain) . After a couple of days on amoxicillin , go buy the dentex cavity filler mix at Walgreens and seal that cavity and this can help you live pain free while you see the dentist .

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Amoxicillin is an anti-biotic, you must have had a tooth infection. In which case you should go and see your dentist. Better safe than sorry


amoxicillin is the bee's knee's for toothpain im with you 100% as im suffering the same problem with my upper right moloar that was smashed 6 years ago following an assault that happend namely a bad dentist


Well its 2 am and my wife is loosing it from the toothpain we have tried everything from salt water to vicodin but she said she just needed something to take her mind off of the pain .seeing my wife in agony like this I started to rub her back and kiss her neck that led to other things ,and well lets just say shes sleeping like.a baby now so yes people if your love one is willing to let you get close to them try going down on it worked for me just dont exspect any in return,after all there mouth is kinda out of order.

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