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I have had psoriasis for 17 yrs now. The only thing I have found, and I know this is weird. Kerasal, you find it in the foot isle at Wal-mart, Meijer, ect. It has 5% salicylic acid. I use my steroid ointment from the doctor, then on top of it I put the Kerasal. About 95% of the spots I have had it on, have been gone for a year or more. Once in awhile I will start to get a spot and I use it and it's gone. I have to use the steroid ointment to get rid of the red spot..But, once it is gone it is gone. And I have tried about everything this page and this has been the only thing that has worked for me. Oh!! yeah, this isn't and over night thing...It took most of my spots a month or so to get rid of, an I did them twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed time. Hope this helps.

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Hello my name is daniel and my wife has psoriasis also. We want to try your home remidy but could not find it at walmart. Also i has a question for you, is it the cream or ointment that your wife used? The best way to reach me would be to e-mail me at We will anciously be awaiting your reply and thany you for your time.


Hey, i'm very interested in your psoriasis treatment. i have bought the Kerasal Ultra 20 from walmart. i'm not sure if this is the one i'm suppose to use. i was wondering which is the steroid ointment your doctor has prescribed you? I really need your help!! please contact me at i would really appreciate your help. thanks


The Kerasal creams he talks about is called 'Kerasal Exfoliating Moisturizer' you can get it from Shoppers Drug Mart or Walmart. Just go to their pharmacy section and look into the foot section and you'll find it there. although the steroids cream he/she use is unknown.


this stuff is amazing! it hasnt cleared all of my spots yet. but the spots on my chest arent even noticable anymore<3


it is not helping the spots keep coming back


If you have scalp psoriasis ( I have a 'patch' on my sideburn) try using Jason Dandruff Relief (available through It has Salicylic Acid 2.0% and Neem Oil. I've been to the dermatologist twice now and was prescribed Lamisil tablets and OTC hydrocortisone 1%. cream. After 4 months with no results I went back again and he injected cortisone directly into the area. After a few days I still noticed the patch and that night I tried the Jason's and the next morning it was almost completely gone. I don't know if it was the injections finally working or the Jasons. I would recommend spending the $12 for the Jason's before spending $240 for my doctor's visits.

Elwood Jones

I use the Kerasal 5\% Exfoliating Moisturizer and find it does wonders for my Psoriasis. I also use a Steroid cream @ 2\% but I think Kerasal exfoliates the dead skin and makes a real difference!!!

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