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When I was pregnant with my third son, I found out I have eczema on my hands. I have tried every lotion out there to help it, finally in 2010 I caved in and saw a dermotologist about it and was prescribed creams. Some worked some didnt. What I wasnt thrilled about was my insurance company doesnt like to cover much of anything with it came to it. Finally last year, I walked into The Body Shop at my mall near my home. I am so happy I did. Their Hemp Collection has everything to ChapStick, Oil, Body Butter, Hand Wash, Hand Cream, Cream for the feet. I am so happy I actually invested in that small $10 hand cream to test drive on my first attempt for something over the counter for year. I have not had a break out in a year. I joined the Love Your Body Club that cost $10 I get 10% off all my purchases for all the hemp product I buy, points for free products which goes towards more hemp to prevent a break out. I am so happy I found it, and it actually worked. I really do recomend going to The Body Shop or going on their website to get it.

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So what product did you buy that worked?

Cathy T.

I have also had some relief from the hemp hand cream from The Body Shop.


my son just turned 2 and he has eczema badly and his doctor will not do anything.. i use to sell the body shop products at home and never once thought about that. his eczema is so bad right now it is red rashed open scratches flaky and extremely rough do you think that it would burn him to put on?


The hemp products from the body shop actually work really well... I completely forgot about them. I'm having a flare up for the first time in years, I think I'll make a trip to purchase some this weekend!!!


Im 12 and its my first time getting this hand and feet exzema. Its horrible! Its makes me want to hide my feet and hands and the worst us that im starting school soo and its so bad


My 1 yr old son has the virus called MCV ....also known as Molluscum.He is getting bumps over his entire body , the doctors say there no medicine he can take for this virus because the virus itself is carried by the small lesure like bumps , unless they burn or free them off ;(...i will not do that to my baby....i can get my hands on alot of cannibas , clippings n buds...can anyone tell me how to make a oil or paste n what can u tell me that will help!!! Please I'm desparate


Thanks Body Shop advertiser!


You can get hemp oil and hemp butter at FROMNATUREWITHLOVE DOT COM I purchase all of my natural products there. And ive made a body butter for my 18 month old to treat his eczema, using hemp butter, mango butter, aloe butter, shea butter vitamin E oil and brutini oil and its working wonderfully!!!

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