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I have a almost 2 year old shepard and he had got mange last year and now its back. i used the borax and peroxide and it worked but it dried out his coat. i would like to ask anyone who would like to help me and answer this question. That when i treat him what do i have to do to the rest of my house

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My dog had the manger. Tried the listerine, baby oil, water. Didn't work for me. Used it for 3 days and the dog was still miserable and my house stunk! I used MEDICATED DANDRUFF SHAMPOO.and IT WORKED!!! I lathered him up, scrubbed real rough and let it sit for 5 minutes. We all slept better that night. For 1 week, every other day he got his bath with the MEDICATED DANDRUFF SHAMPOO ' no name brand ' problem solved. Now he gets a bath once a week with the MEDICATED DANDRUFF SHAMPOO ...never want to go through that again.


I was so worried when I saw my
three year old boxer beagle mix had mange I wanted to cry. We dealt with this with my 10 yr old Springer when she was a pup so the signs we obvious , sores, licking and white blister like spots .. i was just sick. The medicine we used to treat our older dog was so potent and toxic that the vet adv us not to dip her as directed but to only do her paw and leg. the chemical was so strong it burned our eyes and made her ill. It worked eventually though. I figured there had to be something else and amazingly i found this web site. I saw a recipe and tried it. AMAZING!!!!
1 part listerine original
1 part water
1 part baby oil
I spray 3-4 times a day saturating the paws affected and patting dry. Then i covered the paws with olive oil. But because my dog has odd tastes in food he finds the taste pleasurable which caused an issue with keeping the mixture on. So I bought oregano oil..expensive to me at 20.00 for 2 oz, but terrible tasting so he would not lick it. The result in a week and 1/2 the mange is almost completely gone, no sores, no biting,(and he smells like a bowl of homemade spaghetti instead of insecticide.) and for a dog that HATES his feet touched he comes willingly when he sees the spray bottle! This worked for me. Thank you for posting! I want to add... if you dont know what your dog has... dont self-treat a loved one... see a vet then make your treatment decision.


I added tea tree oil to the peroxide and borax mixture. The tea tree oil soothes the skin and also keeps it from drying out.


Use olive oil on his coat every other day it will restore his hair oils until his hair start making his own again

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