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i tried the apple cider vinegar (braggs, with the mother) alternating with tea tree oil (i applied one for an hour, washed, then applied the other for an hour, then used a combo of calendula and aloe vera) and it just made the three small and one large wart explode into many warts that were incredibly itchy. it also totally wrecked my vagina--i had to deal with a swollen labia and vinegar burns.

i wound up finding out about a plant called thuja, which comes from red cedar. i read that it is more commonly being used to treat genital warts and found directions for application (dilute 20-30 drops of the essential oil in olive oil and apply three times daily).
i read that it takes up to three months to clear up outbreaks, but i've been using it for two days without continuing the apc/tea tree oil and so far they have substantially receded and are almost not even visible. they're just mildly itchy. anyway, this topical method is also pretty much painless and only mildly smelly. highly recommended.

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I have also read up on Thuja. I was just curious as to where it can be purchased. I read that back in the day it was very commonly used to treat all sort of warts and other ailments. I would appreciate any feedback on this as I am curious to any alternative other than the ACV because, let's face it. That stuff burns like the devil is molesting you! Thank you. :) Any other alternatives are also welcomed.

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