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I would like to add my two cents worth on cayenne pepper for toothache pain. Today is Mothers Day and my birthday.For the last two days I have had a toothache.BAD! I tried salt water, peroxide, cold compresses, etc. I woke up this morning with a swollen face and throbbing pain. Igot on this page and read several remedies, one including cayenne pepper. Iwas ready to try anything because there was going to be a celebration for Mothers Day/ my birthday. Iwent back and forth deciding whether to call my large family and not go!.Itried the cayenne pepper on a qtip, applied it to my tooth on both sides and on top and let it sit there for about ten minutes, trying not to let my lip or tongue touch it. Then i rinsed my tooth with warm water. In about ten minutes later the throbbing was subsiding and I was feeling better.(REALLY!). I repeated the ritual again about two hours later just before i was to leave for the celebration. The pain and throbbing was GONE and I was able to eat and enjoy my cake and the company!!! Thanks for the remedy.

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Thank you for this! I have had a tootache for two days. I had no idea why I had a migraine and was nauseous. I should have known Cayenne! Of course we use it for knife cuts too...takes the throbbing right away and stops the bleeding!! Miracle pepper!


Thank you for this remedy... I had a massive tooth ache, couldn't make it to the dentist until another days's time and I had slept all night. Awoken when every pain reliver wore off. Then I tried the Cayenne pepper. I just applied a bit and instantly I felt relief. I was literally shocked, yet happy. Thanks again


Thanks it really works. I have had a tooth schedule for 5days and just tried this remedies and it work thanks god bless u you for sharing...

Anonymous was red pepper flake that started mine

jasmine thomas

omggggggggggggggggg this really work i couldent thank yhu anymore ggod bless your heart


well hope yall right been sufferin for two days and just found this sit trin it now


well i did it and it realived it but not whent away yet ima try it AGAIN IN A LITTLE WILE WHEN YOU HURT THIS BAD


I have a broke off tooth with a throbbing painful nerve. just tied the red pepper and it feels much better! Ty


I was having the worst pain for last 24 hours. Just 5 min. ago, I read this remedy and applied the red powder. The pain is miraculously gone. Thank you very much


Whoa. This stuff is AMAZING. Just think that someone just commented about this 5 mins ago before I decided to comment. Cayenne Pepper is the way to go

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