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I'm 16 and have had my stretch marks for about a year now...they were so bAd that ud swear I was whipped or burnt...I started using Skin clinic aqueous cream with tissue worked wonders...but I couldn't find it in stores anymore...then my gran suggested Glycerine with methylated legs and thighs are spotless

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Tee what was the mix ratio?

I literally started using it yesterday and added more spirit this morning, I feel like the more spirit the better!

I mixed castor, olive, spirit and Nivea lotion. Am really hoping that it will work. Will surely feedback!


Wow! I need to try this homerem out. I'm 25 and I've been having dark strech marks on my inner thights and waist for 4 years now. I'm using bio oil and Justin tissue oil, I mix them together and rub the mixture directly on my strech marks.Well they are slowly fading away, just taking too long since I've been using the oils for 2 years already. I want to try something else and this glycerine and methylated spirits remedy is the way to go. Buying the products tomorrow and starting right away. Will give yall feedback.


Hey.Could anyone kindly give me a feedback on the use of glycerine and methylated spirit


Myself iv been using it on my legs and stretch marks they are fading they used to be red and now they are light brown and are disappearing


I have been using tissue oil and methylated spirit in my Ingram’s tissue oil cream, as of tomorrow I’m getting glycerine to my mix ?? Thanks guys


Hi. I heard about the Magnolia tissue oil and glycerine on a comment on Facebook. I googled it to see if it is safe to use on my skin. I see so many ladies have seen a difference,so I am going to start using it from tomorrow. I have really bad strecthmarks.


Im going to start using the mixture today.. one tablespoon of spirit, half glycerin bottle and a 500ml tub of lotion. I will tell how it went


Ladies, may we please see the results. I'm starting this home remedy today. I'm excited yet nervous.


Feedback ladies???


I tried this methylated spirits and glycerine trick. Ive been trying it for two months now. My stretch mark are fading, but really slowly. I mix a tub of Dawn lotion, I use the one for men because its a lot richer than the ladies one and smells strong which masks the methylated spirits scent. I then add about 50ml of methylated spirits and 50ml of glycerine to the tub. I then transfer the mixture to an old Nivea lotion 630ml pump bottle which makes application really easy. For the next month I want to try mixing only equal parts glycerine and methylated spirits and see if I get faster results. Another trick is to use exfoliating gloves while you bath which will make your skin absorb the mixture better! Good luck ladies! December is around the corner!

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