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I'm 16 and have had my stretch marks for about a year now...they were so bAd that ud swear I was whipped or burnt...I started using Skin clinic aqueous cream with tissue worked wonders...but I couldn't find it in stores anymore...then my gran suggested Glycerine with methylated legs and thighs are spotless

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I have just bought the methylated spirit and glycerine. Can i mix with my body cream which is Ingram's herbal (skin doctor)?


I have just bot the ingredients..i just cant wait


I started using this fairly two weeks ago. I put into a bottle of aqueous cream, half a bottle of glycerine and I just put in as much spirit as I could. I can smell the spirit slightly but it's not over powering the other ingredients.

I hope this was helpful.


Ian it safe to use while pregnant


What proportion of methylated spirits do u put in what proportion of glycerine.


My aunt has always used methelated spirits. She is 60 years old and has the most beautiful skin on her body. She scoops a little lotion and pours an equal amount of spitits, rubs her hands together and applies to which ever body part till she covers her whole body. She uses it after she baths and doesnt wash it off...


Can anyone tell me whether their stretch marks are completely gone? It has been 2 years so I am dying to know. I really want to try this but I don't want to waste my money.


Methylated spirits is about R12 half a litre at shoprite/spar.a bottle of glycerin is not more than R20. You are paying less than R50 to try something for two months and see if it works. It is not a waste of money


I have also started 3 days ago applying methylated spirit mixed with my aqueous cream. Will let you know when I start seeing results. Can't wait for these stretchmarks on my bum & back of my knees to go away!!!


I am a mother of two 28 years of age ,I have stretch marks I want to try remedy for cylcerine and spirit which sprit should I use methylated or surgical and how do I mix it please help ...

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