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I'm 16 and have had my stretch marks for about a year now...they were so bAd that ud swear I was whipped or burnt...I started using Skin clinic aqueous cream with tissue worked wonders...but I couldn't find it in stores anymore...then my gran suggested Glycerine with methylated legs and thighs are spotless

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yeah guyz this remedy really works :)
my stretchmarks were 15 years old but now they are gone :)


Im going to buy it today. Im 27 and had a baby who is 5 years and need to remove these scars of honour on my tummy. I will let you know after amonth if it works or not. I have tried everything i tell you. My mom is a docter and recommended everything she thought of but nothing worked.

Maybe home remedies will come to my rescue


Hai guys i went to 8 different dischem store and they are out of stock. They only have the vitamin E one.

What should i do?


Orderd online and recieved my delievery today. Will feedback in a month


I'm 25 I've had stretchmarks for as long as I can remember. I tried bio oil, but lost focus along the way. I read the methylated spirits and glycerine homerem post a month ago, I tried it and now I'm starting to see the results, its amazing. I also workout to increase blood flow. Water, water, water helps too.


Ladies Ladies Ldies.

I have finally found the clin clinic cream and mixed it in a lotion tub with the myth spirit and bio oil and i am loving it so so much.

Im not stopping until they are gone.
Thank you for the recommendation.


I'm 35 and I've been using spirt and glycerine since I was in junior school and that was mother's remedy, it didn't know the real reason behind it but all I can say is I don't have any stretch marks and it's also harmless.

Just mix them with your body lotion.


The ingredients work like magic


Im a girl whos been bothered by stretchmarks, and it doesnt look like they will fade away, can u plz help me on what i shud use to reduce them


Eish i try oll that bat im stil some .and whan i use oll that my skin sibamnyama

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