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I'm 16 and have had my stretch marks for about a year now...they were so bAd that ud swear I was whipped or burnt...I started using Skin clinic aqueous cream with tissue worked wonders...but I couldn't find it in stores anymore...then my gran suggested Glycerine with methylated legs and thighs are spotless

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How much of glycerin and how much of methy spirit did you use and how often should this be applied? I am fed up of my stretch marks and it seems like they will never fade away. I am willing to try anything.


How long till they were gone???


hi, where can i find those ingredients?


Has anyone really tried this??Im kind of nervous.... I really want my stretch marks to go away too....pls answer..thank you!


ya, where do i get those stuff


The menthylated spirit is also known as denatured alcohol, and glycerine has a number of different, fairly common, uses. You can find the denatured alcohol at a drug store, and glycerine at a grocery store. (If you're lucky you'll find them both at the same place!) I haven't tried this myself, but I am planning on doing so. I have researched this a little but this is all I have found on this particular treatment (which makes me slightly nervous but I am 16 also and desperate for my stretch marks to leave! They just aren't pretty!) It seems safe and she said it was effective, so I'll give it a try! Let me know if any of you have tried it and if it works. Thanks!

Busi Dube

the skin clinic aquas cream with tissue oil rejuvinating works wonders for stretch marks you can find it at dischem pharmacy and works fast


Hi just saying that skin clinic aquess cream is still in store and really works!


my mother recommended glycerine and methylated spirit as well, she used it throughout her teenage days and her body is spotless. I started using it 2 months ago and I can see the difference alresy


I've been using for only two weeks and the dark spots on my legs are already fading away

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