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Trish sharma

I'm 13 and have a skin type between normal and oily. Acne was a big problem for me and in place like India its really hot and dusty . Best remedy for acne for my skin type :
Mix lemon juice and honey
Before applying this use the left over lemon peel and scrub it against your face focus on the acne.
Apply the lemon and honey mixture on the face (this too prevents acne to come back).
Apply it well on face and wait for maximum 20 seconds and wash it off.
After washing put some rose water on a piece on cotton and put apply it all over the skin remove the access of rose water by another piece of cotton

Hope it works
All the best :)

Wash it off

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I know that acne its really hard to deal with, but Im glad I finally found a system that worked for me and my friends.I have free info about this on my site


apply strawberry puree on face.


What is rose water??


What side of the lemon peeling do you use?


what happems if you don't have any rose water? can you substitute that with something else? and which side of the orange peel do you use?

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