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I've had a dreadful case of bronchitis for first time in my life recently.The cough has been so severe I would almost throw up.I am normally fit and of a health weight so this really threw me off balance.I became intensely exhausted too and I didn't feel able to fight the infection off.
I was abroad when it started so i didn't have access to natural treatments straight away so I struggled with paracetamol and conventional cough syrup for about a week which did not help.As soon as I reached London is tarted taking the following three treatments concomittently.
1-xylitol granules-this is well know as antiviral and antibacterial and can be used dissolved in water as a throat spray too,but I just had it as it comes. You can get this from any natural remedy shop like holland and barrett.
2-strong garlic capsules and also fresh garlic with my evening meal-no I am not worried about garlic breath for now because my health has taken such a battering.
3-a homeopathic remedy from boots that's specific for coughs and cheesiness.
As soon as I started this treatment my troublesome cough almost went away within 24 hours after struggling to shift it for weeks.I tried other remedies but nothing worked as well as these.I cannot recommend these enough,I really feel a huge difference and my chest feels clear as opposed to itchy and raspy.
I also had fresh crushed ginger tea with manuka honey and lemon,lots of green tea,an excellent nutrition with veg,fruit and probiotics plus spirulina powder alongside taking a string multimineral and vitamins tonic.But like I said,nothing worked as fast as what I mentioned and I kept slipping in and out of getting a bit better but relapsing again with coughing and exhaustion.But this time I've had three days of almost not coughing at all.It's not a coincidence because just before starting these three remedies together I was going to go to my doctor to ask for an asthma pump because I was still struggling to breathe during coughing fits which were refusing to go away.
Hope you get well really soon if you're reading this and struggling with bronchitis.It really is a deep infection and it takes time to rest and recover whilst also using remedies.

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T Stanes Herbal Tea

DeCol Chaha
Anti Cold Herb Tea, Tea for Bronchitis
DeCol Chaha with expectorant properties is helpful in producing slight but persistent bronchodialation. It also gives relief in bronchitis and acts as a decongestant and anti-spasmodic.

Use this tea for throat discomfort due to colds, or exposure to cold, windy or damp weather!!
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a homeopathic remedy from boots? not following what this means...

thank you for the other suggestions!


I also would like to know what a homeopathic remedy to boot is? Your other suggestions are great so I would like to explore this.


boots is a pharmacy in the uk

Mamta Rajput

I am suffering from severe bronchitis. i found that 1 tea spoon honey,ginger,garlic,pinch of turmeric powder and 5 to 6 tulsi leaves. All mixed well.Taken at early morning before tea gives a very good cure in bronchitis.....

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