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Ok after reviewing the posts I compiled an 'all-in-one' list and here is my Thesis/Symptoms:
I contracted the ringworm fungus from my dog and the site was low on my shin above the ankle. I was using large bandaids with Clotrimazole anti fungal cream for a period of 5 days. It DRAMATICALLY INCREASED THE INFECTION. Needless to say, it may work for some but had drastic adverse results for me. I don't suggest it. I found this site because my ankle started collecting fluid and was swelling badly from how much the Clotrimazole was enhancing the growth rate and I was in a panic from the pain and swelling. After I collected my supplies and applied the compound, the swelling went down by half in the first hour and the pain is gone.
Thesis: You will need to locate a Wal-mart super center and bring 1 $20 dollar bill.
1) 70% isopropyl alcohol
2) small pack of cheapest disposable razors 4count
3) 1 pack of cotton balls
4) 1 box of 50count Ansell latex free gloves
5) 1 bottle of Hollywood Beauty Tea Tree Oil
6) 1 small bottle of Iodine Tincture in a brown bottle (not the imitation type. get the actual iodine)
7) 1 small clove of garlic
8) 1 small bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar
9) 1-2 packs of LARGE bandaids that will cover the infected area. Plain bandaids are fine, Gauze may be needed instead so use that and BUY MEDICAL TAPE TOO!!!
* I had the rest at home
10) pack of dixie cups
11) 1 can of salt (you will need a lot)
12) a tupperware dish large enough to rest the appendage in if needed (for me I put my foot in it to catch the excess product runoff)
13) Disposable paper towels
14) something to bite down on (no bullshit)

Assault on Fungus begins.
1) Mince 2 cloves of garlic or cut into as tiny of slices you can possibly get and take 2 spoons, put the slices in one and press down onto it with the other until it is good and mushy. Put the minced garlic into 1 dixie cup and add 1 Tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar. Allow it to sit and soak for 10 minutes prior to starting. Take this time to get mentally prepared.
2) place yourself in a comfortable position in your bath tub and put on gloves. you will need to have easy access to running water.
3) take one razor and shave all hair off the affected area and atleast a couple inches around it also. Rinse off thoroughly (fungus feeds on the hair and attaches easily to it spreading the infection plus you won't pull out hair when removing bandaids)
4) Bite down on what ever you got.
5) while close to running water, place a small portion of salt in your hand and SCRUB HARD on the damp area of infection. It will remove all the infected gunky skin, clean and open up the pores and hurt like hell. RINSE. I suggest you do this twice cause your gonna probably wuss out half way through.
6) Mix Alcohol and iodine together 30% alcohol 70% iodine or 40/60 in another dixie cup. You only need a table spoon tops of the iodine so just a little alcohol is needed. I would wait until this step to mix them up due to both of them having rapid evaporation properties. Then take a cotton ball and dip in the solution you made and trace around the outside of the ring in a spiral shape closing in on the center of the infected area. It is painful but take a 2nd dry cotton ball and pat dry. DO THIS 2X ATLEAST! It hurts but suck it up. The worst is over.
7) Now take a new cotton ball and COAT the infected area. NOT SOAK.
8) This part takes some finesse and patience. Now take your Minced garlic that has been soaking the whole time and scoop it out of the cup. It is tricky buy you basically need to PILE IT ON EVENLY over the entire infected area PREFERABLY EXCEEDING THE RING. If it is on your back, neck or head then have someone do it for you. It does not have to be pretty but don't let it be crappy. It needs to be a SOLID COAT of garlic over the area.
9) Lastly as it sits and starts soaking in, take another alcohol soaked cotton ball and clean the surrounding border of the coated garlic region to wipe up all remaining Oil, Ooze, Vinegar, and water.
You want it perfectly dry. Now take your large bandaids or gauze and place SECURELY over the garlic coated area and tape or apply the sticky portion to the cleaned, shaved skin. If using Gauze, tape all 4 sides generously and seal it off.

Thoroughly clean your tub, clothes, sheets, and hands frequently. Do not use a towel to dry the infection only use cotton balls and dispose of them securely so a child or animal will not have access to the infected trash and pass it along unknowingly. DRYNESS IS KEY!!! The fungus thrives off of moisture and apparently fucking Clotrimazole so keep it dry.

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Margie Shriner

The last garlic past cure would have been more effective without the F word at the ending. Really tackey!


Exactly. Needles to say it was rude.


Oh shut the hell wasnt tacky or rude...and actually quite an impressive thanks for the fucking phenomenal research and share!!


Surely nobody actually tried this. Maybe the writer has stock in Walmart. Too funny.


Is this a joke?


There was no reason to use the f bomb. I do understand how having ring worm can upset you though. Next time, use a more mature word when describing your feelings.

Fucking Guy

Stock in Wal-Mart?... Seriously?
Multi-billion dollar corporation slumming in Ringworm remedy discussions pedaling $20 remedies?... oh give me a FUCKING break... and yes, I said 'Fucking'.

Seriously, pretty sure we're adults... and honestly... on whose authority exactly has a WORD been deemed 'Evil'?... it's a WORD... and in this context, an adjective at that; hardly obscene in nature if you define it in this context... not any more obscene than 'freakin', 'darned', or 'stupid'.
The only difference being that those using a proxy word as a substitute are not only using an expletive... but are also lying to themselves as well, congratulations.

As for the Remedy.. it seems a bit cumbersome and laborious... but kudos for the extensive detail.

Thanks a Bunch.


I think you gave awesome advice and covered ALL the bases, including the rip-off pharma med. I had ringworm as a kid from a stray cat. It quickly engulfed my body and the med the dr. gave me was what made it spread. A neighbor recognized the problem and we treated it easily with IODINE AND ALUM mixed together. Alum is sold in the spice section for canning pickles. Some of the 'theory' may be overkill. But I can relate when you have that itch, you'll do anything for relief. I think the advice on the sanitary precautions is absolutely necessary. Great work.


I have to say the crushed garlic bandage is really what does it. Galric is full of sulfurous compounds that definately will kill the fungus. I have had ringworm a few times and I alternate between crushed garlic bandage, or smear garlic oil on the affected area and cover it in nail polish once it dries. That way it suffocates and gets chemically clobbered at the same time. Just make sure to go out about an inch away from the ringworm or it will try to spread out it find oxygen. The garlic will burn by the way, but that means its working. usually only lasts 5 or 10 minutes each application.


I love when I read cussing on things like this I feel your frustration. Garlic is amazing. As is tea tree oil. I had some warts many yrs ago and the garlic tea tree dryed em out in a cpl weeks..

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