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poor people with hurting teeth! it's so terrible it really is...n i have had 2 babies now with no teeth still hurt me the most....!i have lost 8 teeth...a bit of my jaw and i now have what was (long long ago..) 2 molars eating away at my sinus and am at risk for developing a brain abscess. there are lots of cures here for hurting teeth. they all work. a little. they will all stop working at some point if you get into the habit of using it all the time. keeping your mouth filled with ice cold water will long as your mouth never ever warms it sucks....advil is the best pain killer n that includes the narcotic stuff you get from the not pack teeth with is temporary relife with long-term is eating the stuff by the handfull....oragel or anbisol...clove oil...all do a good job of numbing things but only for a minute...ultimatly u have to go to the dentist and have ur tooth pulled.....or u could go when its a tiny cavity and not a gaping wound leading right to ur brain....there is no home cure really unless u can pull ur own tooth! u can make ur own filling n it will help for a time....they even have stuff for that at the drug store and it is not expensive....but ur tooth will still be broke. it sucks but u have to go to a dentist...the sooner the better(and cheaper). but i know how it is with dont waste it on a pile of pills....a small cavity is less then 100$ to fix and ur miles ahead if you dont have an infection when you go.....but lets say ur broke and will b for a while...what then? keep ur teeth clean! flossing has worked wonders. the very second i feel it starting to act up i clean my teeth like crazy....i even bought the same tools as the dentist....they have those at the drug store....a syringe(without the needle)works very well for shooting right into a cavity to get the crud out...then rinse with the most alcoholic mouthwash u have....once its SUPER clean you can fill the cavity with the putty filling or what ever. but really clean em good. they'll not swallow what comes out. at first they bleed 'gooey' will become more like regular blood it needs too...then take a double (or 1 and 1/2) dose of advil and chew some gum. chewing gum is very very good for hurt teeth. moving ur jaw keeps the the blood flowing and that keeps the yuck from building. it also helps prevent u from using ur tounge to poke at ur teeth which u must never never do! that handles the pain and the immediate offending dirt n germs in ur mouth. but u still have an infection. if u cannot go to the dr. or dentist u will need to have honey....which is naturally antibiotic so get the most raw honey u can...tho any honey is good. u can eat it straight or put it in coffee or tea but handle it just like any antibiotic...3 times a day for 10 days. curing the infection is your goal. stay with hot/cold compress for pain as much as u can. eating tons of pills is like putting a band-aide on a severed limb....if they dont work 10 more isnt going to either....u have to distract youself with a mindless video game or, i used to sing out loud, i know thats crazy but it can really get ur mind off the pain and it does produce endorphines....and just like any other kind of sick, drink a load of water and rest as much as u can. and floss ;). my dental problems were curbed in a huge way after i busted out the floss.but ultimatly u will have to see a dentist. or,after years n years of agony your teeth will kill u. and you dont deserve that!

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Very good advice! I've tried so many of these remedies, mostly last night because then pain was so unbearable I seriously was thinking about pulling my teeth out! None of the remedies that I tried worked but I could only try a few because I didn't have the correct ingredients for some. I agree 100% that you must go to a doctor and/or dentist! I hadn't had dental insurance for years and I was just able to get some so I'm going to the dentist regularly to get my teeth fixed but omg I've never had pain like's been going on for 2 weeks and my dentist cant get me in until Monday. So, I went to urgent care and they gave me an antibiotic but it doesn't look like I have much of an infection. I grind my teeth and clench my jaw while I'm sleeping so that's probably most likely the problem..but you MUST get hwlp, I agree with you! My aunt had an infection in her teeth and she wasn't put on any antibiotic and they decided to just to her root canal and she ended up having the infection spread in her body and she fell into a coma and her body just faded was horrible how fast it spread! She passed father has told me this story so many times because I wasn't born yet so I didn't know her but it's such a HAVE to be on antibiotics before a dental procedure like that or an extraction or anything really if you have an's too risky and scary how horrible and fast an infection from your mouth can kill you!


Y don't u just write a book damn I am in pain and your story is like reading a chapter 1


thank you for this advice, you obviously know what y9oure talking about. i have 3 cavities on one side, a headache, bumps on the back of my tongue and an earache. This pain is terrible, my dentist is charging me $900.00 for each root canal and i cannot afford that right now. This sucks

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