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I have suffered for ever with RLS. I prayed about it, and the Lord said sip
Dill Pickle Juice. If your RLS starts,
take a sip of pickle juice. It usually stops right away.I believe in prayer and it worked.

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I have had rls my whole life 48yrs and craved and drank pickle juice as a child. Going to try it agai!


I just got out of bed and drank about 1/3 cup if not half PLEASE I hope this works.I seen something about mustard but I puke. love pickles though so that's an easy one.


How much is a sip of pickle juice? Thanks


I have had RLS for years... doc put me on mirapex and this was the miracle drug, but i am stopping all medications due to affordability... gonna try the pickle juice and pray it helps. Thanks for those who share their stories so we can help ourselves.

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