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I have suffered for ever with RLS. I prayed about it, and the Lord said sip
Dill Pickle Juice. If your RLS starts,
take a sip of pickle juice. It usually stops right away.I believe in prayer and it worked.

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Uwanna Dueme

I use fermented dog urine 1/4 cup chilled (it has the taste of aluminum foil).... and YES it works every time for RLS it lasts for about 14 days


Thank you for sharing what worked for you.God can tell us what will work for us,after all He created us.


Thank you for sharing what has worked for you.God knows more about us than a Dr.ever could. After all God created us. He can definitely guide us to what will work.Thanks for reminding me to pray for His guidance.


I started w/major aching in left leg 3 yrs ago, tried every pain reliever possible, dr put me on fentynol patches 2 yrs ago...helped abit, began praying (religiously) for relief & suddenly I'd recieved it! Couldn't of been happier!!! I was weened off the patches! HOWEVER, I've since inherited RLS. Figured I could handle this (compared to the intense/relentless ache,) but there's no sleeping anymore : ( I long for (but so dred) bedtime. So, w/continued prayers...pickle juice is on my agenda tonight! Thank u!!!


Just to double check...the pickle juice really works??? I am willing to try just about anything if it will help suppress what appears to be RLS. I had a terrible case of it last night and wasn't able to get even a wink of sleep. It truly is unbearable.


I have suffered off and on for a year. Lately it is every night. Today I am at work and it is bad with the aching and jerking. I am definatly going to try the pickle juice when I go home on my lunch hour.


Mm. Pickles! Just tried it, thank you, & so glad He still has believers <3


I am 24 yrs old and I just within the past Yr started having trouble started using puckle juiceI thought that's silly but it really really works


It appears dill is high in iron

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