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It is possible to make stretch marks virtually invisible and improve skin texture at home. Most of the remedies that are posted here, however, are ridiculous(no offense, ladies).

Cocoa butter, olive oil and other moisturizers will moisturize and soften skin, as well as help fresh stretch marks fade faster, but they will not help get rid of them.
Coffee/vapo rub increase blood flow to the area, nothing more. They can help tone your skin but they cannot reduce your stretch marks.
Any effective treatment should be invasive. You will not get results with simply rubbing something on your skin.

What helped me was a massage,I read about on some blog years ago. You will need apricot scrub,a wooden massager(with the little wooden knobs) and a good moisturizer. While in a shower, get your skin nice and warm, apply apricot scrub and start massaging your troubled areas with the wooden massager in circular motion (going upwards/from the feet up). You have to keep going until your skin turns pink, but do not over do it. After you are done, wash the scrub off, dry off and apply moisturizer. Massage should only be done 1-3 a week. You have to give your skin time to heal. You need to moisturize at least twice a day in between sessions. You can still do coffee scrubs or whatever routine that you have.

This massage is basically a home microdermabrasion. Not only it takes layers off your skin, it also promotes collagen production(when you hurt/irritate your skin, it tries to heal itself by increasing collagen). You might see results right away, but it takes up to two years to get rid of stretch marks completely.

Method number two - dermarolling. Dermarollers can be bought online, they cost anywhere from $15 to $100. They are rollers with needles of different diameters that penetrate your skin, promoting collagen production. You can google it and find whole bunch of blogs, youtube videos and before and after photos. This method does work, but it is painful and traumatic.

I had puberty stretch marks on my thighs and buttocks that were not that visible, but gave my skin a wrinkly texture. The only thing that worked for me was apricot scrub massage. It took 1.5 years but my skin looks and feels absolutely normal and healthy.
I know some women don't want to try anything that takes time and dedication, but what do you have to lose? A year will fly by and you'll still be dealing with stretch marks, might as well try the massage.

I would not recommend egg whites, lemon juice and baking soda... Lemon juice/baking soda are good for hyper-pigmentation, but not stretch marks. Egg whites only work on fresh burns, have zero benefit for skin marks.

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First, I found a website that tells you how to do apricot scrub massage:
stretchmarkcure dot com

Second, I tried medical crystals for the first time today and I really like the results! So you might want to consider that option as well.


FYI~ I used the dermarolling for acne scaring (indents left in the skin) and I saw immediate & dramatic results the first night I used gradually gets better and better every time I do the derma rolling. (Amazon~ $20)

But~ yes, this is seriously painful on tender parts of the body. I tried it on the stretch marks on my inner thighs takes some getting used to.

For, expeller pressed coconut oil. (Grocery store~ $5)


Thanks for your comment! now im more convinced on buying it(med crystals) you think it will get rid of white stretch marks? what happened to your skin on the first time to use it and now?


Mkay, another update. Girls with new stretch marks, try 1.0% Retinol gel if you can get a hold of it. A study showed that using retinol for 6 months significantly reduces the appearance of stretch marks. I decided to give dermarolling a break and using retinol now, even more effective. It peels layers of skin off without burning it. I put it on every day on scratch scars and my face. My face is clear and my scratch scars are barely noticeable. The down side - cn't be out in a sun at all while using it and it is prescription only, unless you are willing to order it from online pharmacies.


Hi, I got my stretch marks from giving birth. They are reddish in color. Can you send me a picture of the wooden massager at and what kind of Apricot srub did you use? And what kind of moisturizer. My stretch marks are mainly on the lower belly and butt.


is retinol the same as tretinoin? i have tretinoin and i use it on my face every night..


Hi, i tried this remedy a while ago and it hurt a bit, Is it normal? i think it also irritated my skin, i got little scratch on my skin,. please reply if it is normal and how to really do that massage.. if it is not normal, i'll just discontinue doing it.


Sorry, guys, I wasn't been able to update sooner.
Yes, tretinoin is the same as retinol - pure vitamin A.
I've read that combining dermarolling and tretinoin is very effective, trying to do it that way now.
Apricot massage will irritate skin, that is normal. Use aloe vera and good moisturizer. As far as the picture of a massager goes - just look it up on amazon. Put 'wooden massager' in a search box.


I cannot explain to you how much your remedy encourages me to believe my stretch marks will be invisible someday. Going through the Internet is very discouraging and mostly depressing. I will seriously follow up and hopefully I get the same results as you have. Thank you thank you, you truly give me the strength. Good luck to all the ladies, may we ALL be stretch mark free!


hey..miss hollygolightly..i've also bn usin dis remedy fr arnd a year..n i ordrd d e book frm d website m nt gtng d desird reslts n seeing ne desirable changes uptil nw..dey hv faded vry d results r discouraging me..r ur stretchmarks gone completely..n do u massage d marks rigorously ?..n fr hw mch tym do u do d massage ?..n i dnt do it as frequently as thrice a week..i do it once in a week or plz rply dat i fl encouraged to cntinue it..n cn u evn sggst sme alternatives odr dan quicken d results..waitin fr a rply soon..:))

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