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It is possible to make stretch marks virtually invisible and improve skin texture at home. Most of the remedies that are posted here, however, are ridiculous(no offense, ladies).

Cocoa butter, olive oil and other moisturizers will moisturize and soften skin, as well as help fresh stretch marks fade faster, but they will not help get rid of them.
Coffee/vapo rub increase blood flow to the area, nothing more. They can help tone your skin but they cannot reduce your stretch marks.
Any effective treatment should be invasive. You will not get results with simply rubbing something on your skin.

What helped me was a massage,I read about on some blog years ago. You will need apricot scrub,a wooden massager(with the little wooden knobs) and a good moisturizer. While in a shower, get your skin nice and warm, apply apricot scrub and start massaging your troubled areas with the wooden massager in circular motion (going upwards/from the feet up). You have to keep going until your skin turns pink, but do not over do it. After you are done, wash the scrub off, dry off and apply moisturizer. Massage should only be done 1-3 a week. You have to give your skin time to heal. You need to moisturize at least twice a day in between sessions. You can still do coffee scrubs or whatever routine that you have.

This massage is basically a home microdermabrasion. Not only it takes layers off your skin, it also promotes collagen production(when you hurt/irritate your skin, it tries to heal itself by increasing collagen). You might see results right away, but it takes up to two years to get rid of stretch marks completely.

Method number two - dermarolling. Dermarollers can be bought online, they cost anywhere from $15 to $100. They are rollers with needles of different diameters that penetrate your skin, promoting collagen production. You can google it and find whole bunch of blogs, youtube videos and before and after photos. This method does work, but it is painful and traumatic.

I had puberty stretch marks on my thighs and buttocks that were not that visible, but gave my skin a wrinkly texture. The only thing that worked for me was apricot scrub massage. It took 1.5 years but my skin looks and feels absolutely normal and healthy.
I know some women don't want to try anything that takes time and dedication, but what do you have to lose? A year will fly by and you'll still be dealing with stretch marks, might as well try the massage.

I would not recommend egg whites, lemon juice and baking soda... Lemon juice/baking soda are good for hyper-pigmentation, but not stretch marks. Egg whites only work on fresh burns, have zero benefit for skin marks.

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ms hollygolightly ,
i want to know that what would u prefer
massage or demarollers


To answer the question about deep white stretch marks - yes, you can definitely make them 'go away', i.e. improve the texture and make them flesh colored.

If I were to pick between apricot massage and a dermaroller now, I'd pick dermarolling, because it seems to work faster. Apricot massage takes layers off your skin gradually and only scratches the surface. Needles penetrate deeper.
I had mild acne scarring that it completely gotten rid of after one session( 0.5 needles; I used witch hazel and collagen hydro-gel after dermarolling).
But if you're not sure about dermarolling, try scrubbing first. If you do decide to get a dermaroller, remember that you have to wash it before and after each use with antibacterial soap, and put rubbing alcohol on it. Your skin needs to be clean also, so wash your problem areas before use. You can use antibacterial ointment, collagen hydrogel or some sort of petrolium product right after. You can start putting your regular moisturizer in about 1-3 hours after. Most people put it on right away...but I don't think its a good idea considering that the skin is very irritated at first. If you have thin skin I'd get 1.0mm, 1.5mm for thicker skin. Mine is extremely thin and prone to scarring so I use 1.0mm on my body, 0.55 on my face.

As far as how to do apricot massage, I mentioned it in my post. I also described the type of massager you'll need in one of the first comments.

Hope that helped


Also, dermarolling can only be done once in 2-3 weeks. You can try once every week with 1.00mm needles and 0.55 mm needles. It takes skin up to 40 days to heal completely.


hi, Im too afraid to use dermarolling so wanted to know if the scrub works as good but just takes longer? I need to get rid of mine! :( -are yours that you used with the scrub visible at all? can you still feel the ridges? I just want my skin to look like it did before stretch marks.


For the apricot scrub massage, does it have to be apricot or could it be any other flavour? And also what brand did you use, can it be any or does it have to have a specific action? Thanks.


So if I would to use the dermaroller .. Do I do it every day or how often ?


No! You do not use dermaroller every day! Even once a week is pushing it. It takes your skin up to 30 days to heal.
Please research information on dermarollers before using. There is a lot of information available on the internet.

Yes, it has to be apricot, because it has the ground apricot pits. I used equate or St. Ives...whatever was the cheapest.


Hi just wanna thank you for helpful, well put together advice. I will try it out because I've been feeling so insecure about them, got it just after my baby I had just a few months ago.
I wanted to ask you, how you manage the pain of the dermaroller?


hi guys..i have searched that apricot scrub make microscopic cuts on your skin..The scrubbing particles are actually tiny jagged bits of walnut/apricot kernel/shell..i don'tr know how will it affect your skin.

BUT hey! have you heard of MEDICAL CRYSTALS? yes, it's like doing an apricot scrub, they say,but more better results are's like microdermabrasion at also takes dead skin cells off your skin that will definitely get rid of your stretch marks ..but unlike apricot scrub, it doesnt 'scratch you skin or make microscopic cuts in's made from crystals like rubies and sapphire.honestly i haven't tried it but im planning to..i forgot to check how much is it but maybe it's a little pricey, well, just search it in google!you can buy it online:)im hoping that maybe some of you can afford it, i just want to help you guys even though i can't help myself for now..LOL that's true.....they say you can see results in a short period of time.(based on their experience)hope it helps. good luck.


Lala, you are welcome. Dermarolling isn't really that painful to me personally. It hurts at first, but then you get used to it.
Never heard of medical crystals, I will have to check them out. Apricot does scratch your skin, but tiny scratches also promote collagen production. If medical crystals work better, it might be a great alternative.
The appeal of the apricot scrub is the fact that it's dirt cheap. Obviously if I had the money, I'd get microdermabrasion and laser procedures done instead.

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