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So a few years back, I had my wisdom teeth removed and when the surgeon did it, he cracked my molars in front of them. Since then, I have had dental ins on and off. For the past two years I haven't and one of my molars (or about 80% of it) has fallen out. And now my other one has lost about 20% of it- needless to say, awful pain. I'm poor though and don't know what to do. But I tried a tea bag, warm and wet and didn't help immediately. But I took it out, kneeled on my bed and put my head between my legs and started to take long 5 second breaths in and out and I feel better for the moment. I also popped 3-500mg tylonels haha. If I feel a little pain soon, I find a few shots of vodka to numb anything :)

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Oregon Mama

Advil or Ibuprofen for pain, Clove oil can also help for tooth pain. See if you can contact your local county health department about getting your tooth pulled for free if you are poor there should be resources. You can also google it for your city/state. Good luck!

Kendra B.

That was nice of you Oregon mamma to help with the resources and the Clove Oil does work some.

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