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I don't want to give you a long explanation on this matter, but trust me on this, it natural, and it definitely stops the bleeding in ulcerative colitis. It is FENNEL SEEDS, its inexpensive and can be obtained from any asian food store. Soak about half a teaspoon of seeds in hot water and drink a glass full once cool, you don't need to eat the seeds. The water alone works. I carry them with me everywhere just in case. Be sure to keep off foods that upset you, eg Wheat and Gluten. I really hope you try this as its taken me a long time to write this, I have battled UC since 1992 and always looking for alternative cures. Fennel Seeds is the only one that stops the bleeding and its natural. I am not a qualified Dr. or Herbalist but just another suffer who has battled this illness.

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Fennel seeds are really working!!!. im was bleeding from last 2 days, after read ur post couldnt wait until morning so had a glass of fennel seeds water. next day morning very little blood...
Thanks a lot for this post

Niels Marais

Dear AKK.

I just wanted to thank you for your post.
I have UC and I started to take fennel now for the last 5 days and it seems to be working for me.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
I've been on the SCD diet and it helped but it didn't stop the bleeding.
I've been off medication since the last 3 months. The medication just made me feel horrible.
DON'T TRUST EVERYTHING YOUR Dr TELLS YOU! My Dr told me no diet works for UC.
If anyone wants to know what i'm doing for my UC pls feel free to ask.
Maby we can figure out what is the cause for these horrible diseases.


I have been suffering from uc for about 2 years and although I do not need to visit the toilet several times a day, maybe about 2 or three times a day, BUT the stools are very watery and I suffer from a lot of gas build up. I have just yesterday started using fennel seeds and I intend to give it a try for at least a month. I wonder whether anyone else suffers from very watery stools.
I am a vegetarian


will fennel in the form of tea bags also work


I am wondering if ginger really stops the bleeding. I have been trying for two weeks now and I haven't seen any results.

I am gonna try the fennel seeds (again- I was taking them w while Bach but I wasn't bleeding).

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