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I don't want to give you a long explanation on this matter, but trust me on this, it natural, and it definitely stops the bleeding in ulcerative colitis. It is FENNEL SEEDS, its inexpensive and can be obtained from any asian food store. Soak about half a teaspoon of seeds in hot water and drink a glass full once cool, you don't need to eat the seeds. The water alone works. I carry them with me everywhere just in case. Be sure to keep off foods that upset you, eg Wheat and Gluten. I really hope you try this as its taken me a long time to write this, I have battled UC since 1992 and always looking for alternative cures. Fennel Seeds is the only one that stops the bleeding and its natural. I am not a qualified Dr. or Herbalist but just another suffer who has battled this illness.

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hi, im also one of the sufferer of ulcerativecolitus.i plz want to know in how many days does it cure completely.thanx.


hi iv had ulcerative colitis for the past 21 years and have been off and on on steroids too when it aggravates. After reading your post i also started taking fennel seeds and left wheat and things have been under control since then however i wanted to know how long does it take to cure the disease completely ? and how many times a day do u take fennel seeds ?


plz reply bk,i also want to know about ur diet.fennel is helping me but very slowly, thanx,looking forward for an early reply.


Ian so glad that the Fennel works, I know for a fact that when I have an attack the fennel stops the bleeding. I still have to take medication which is Mezavant xl.
I try and ease off the medication when I have a good spell. As soon as I have an attact I start using the Fennel seeds and also ginger. I keep some ground ginger in the freezer and use about a qtr teaspoon mixed in hot water with the fennel seeds. I read that ginger is a good healer for the stomach.

When I have an attact I use about a teaspoon of fennel seeds soaked in hot water about 4 to 5 times a day when really bad. Then after a couple of days I start reducing it and only have it first thing in the morning. I find this works for me. I also take the omega's and other vitimans for the healing of the bowel. As you can imagin your bowel is in constant use and the only way to quickly heal it is with the help of fish oils and even evening primrose.

The only way to avoid an attack is to avoid foods certain foods which don't suit you. Its different for everyone. I can't tolerate, wheat products, but am ok with all spicy foods, even chillies. Love red onions.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply.i will start taking 2 ,3 times a day, till now i was taking only twice.for how long have u been taking it.right now i m on measacol 9 tabs a day n hav started dr harish vermas ayurvedic treatment so things r more or less under control but there is bit of i hope fennel seed wil help me. initially when i started taking fennel there was no blood for 2 im very hope ful.thanks once again.


My mother has been very sick I believe from uc, she never did get an official diagnosis but the symptoms are screaming uc. Anyway, I have been doing some research about the disease and have new found hope that my mom can get better. Have any of you uc sufferers heard about the specific carbohydrate diet. Apparently this is not a new diet, it was discovered by the lady who wrote the 'breaking the vicious cycle'. I cannot vouch for her proposals of curing uc patients but I'm willing to try anything to help give her some relief. I plan on getting her the fennel seeds too. For any of you willing to share your positive experiences with any kind of supplement, herbal remedy or specific diet, please reach out to me as I would really appreciate some feedback of your experience and any possible cures. I may be reached at, thats with 3 b's not 2. I wish you all much success and symptom free

Aditya Bose

Absolutely Wonderful. Fennel seeds have worked miracle for colitis.

This Malonie health website was also very helpful for colitis and other diseases.


Along with fennel its worth taking fish oil tablets or even evening primrose tablets. If you incorporate a combination of the following products it will help with the healing process.
Ginger either grind some fresh ginger and have about a qtr teaspoon diluted in some hot water and mix with apple juice. If you search about Ginger it actuly helps the healing of the gut. Do not take it everday but may be every other day and then have a break.
The other being cabbage juice - red or white, it also helps with healing.
Red onions incorporated in the diet also helps.
Hope this helps.


fennel seeds should be taken about two to three times a day when bad and then once a day but like everything in moderation. Also take fish oil tablets and or evening primrose tablets. Also when bad try about half a teaspoon of fresh greated ginger soaked in hot water mixed with apple juice. The ginger helps heal, the other thing is cabbage juice which also helps cure the ulcers.
Hope this helps


I was diagnosed with colitis after a colonoscopy about 7 months ago and have had diarrhea, bloating, gas and trace amounts of blood in my stools. I was prescribed mesalamine (Salofalk) but had to stop taking it as it worsened my diarrhea.

After I stopped taking the medication, my diarrhea became less severe although i would still have to run to the toilet after every meal or even a large drink of water because the gas built up in my colon would have to be expelled but would take with it mucosy fecal matter mixed with a little bit of blood hence trying to fart it out would cause me to shit my pants.

I stumbled upon this thread and decided to try fennel seeds. I don't know if it was some kind of placebo effect but the first day I tried it, I could go half a day without having to run to a toilet. I felt a reduction in gas so could ride out the day without taking a toilet break.

After about a week of taking fennel seeds, I do not see blood in my stools anymore. I am also taking psyllium husk and some probiotics but they never helped the bleeding so I definitely believe that fennel seeds have stopped the bleeding in my gut.

I have been taking fennel seeds in the form of 2 teaspoons steeped in a cup of hot water 3 times a day after meals for about a month now and have yet to see any of my previous symptoms.

Thank you akk, if i had not read your tip, I would still be having a hard time staying off the shitter through the day.

P.S. I would like to say that my symptoms before taking fennel seeds were not as severe as those that people have posted on this and other forums. I did not have any pain, cramping, weight loss, nausea or fever as others have reported. I only experienced bloating, gas, very minor bleeding and the constant feeling of having to defecate so while this remedy has helped me tremendously, I am not convinced it will be as effective for everybody especially those with symptoms more severe than mine.


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