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take the first layer of a onion after the flaky layer. then cut it put in a pan of water (about 3 cups of water) then boil it. after it comes to a boil take about 1tp of the water in the baby's bottle of formula and it will help relive gas.

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this onion stuff is amazing!! turned our screaming from 3pm to 10pm 7 week old into no screaming and sleeping :) considering this is our 3rd child and all three have been to paeditricians and prescribed everything for severe colic we know what were on about,thanks so much to the person who posted this - your a sanity saver!!


We were not sure this would work. We read the post at 11 pm and actually waited until the next day to try it. After the first 2 oz of bottle our little man was sound asleep! He has been a different baby since. No crying and eating like a champ. Thank you so much!!!


Is it 1 tteaspoon or tablespoon and does it matter how much formula to mix with thank you


i was told of this 23 yrs ago w/my 1st child. it worked wonders! used it on my 1st grand child...the kids thought i was nuts but they'd try & bingo...peace and quite. just used it again today on new grand baby...i had actually forgotten the directions...ty for posting

T. Jessup

I can vouch for this cure! Years ago my grandmother gave me this cure for my colicky son, the only difference is I boiled a whole onion cut in slices till it was mushy, drained the juice through a coffee filter and after cooling down I gave him 2 oz. with a little Karo syrup. It worked instantly, he felt asleep while he was still drinking it and he NEVER had colic again.


do i do this every feeding though? of just once a day?


VERY URGENT! Thnx in advance.

i have highly colic baby who cries from 12 am to 4 am constantly since she was 2 weeks. plz suggest if it can be given to a 5 months old baby, how much of this onion water to be mixed with the formula.


If the coic is severe enough the 'onion tea' can be given straight. Only an ounce to two ounces at a time though. If you have an extremely 'colicky' baby you may need to see the pediatrician to make sure there aren't any digestive issues. You can
also mix a Tablespoon of the 'onion tea' in with the formula twice a day. Hope this helps.

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