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I have had almost constant teeth pain for about 3 years now after spending a week sick with a stomach bug that didn't allow any food to stay down. The bile literally ate away the outer layer on some of my teeth. Some have been removed or as the dentist called it extracted.

Remedies for sore teeth are very hit and miss. The only true fix is going to the dentist. But one really wants to do their homework when picking a dentist. Just because they are expensive doesn't mean they are good. The reverse is the same with the creaper ones.

Abcessed teeth are just about the worst pain ever. Some rememdies that worked for me are antibiotics: they will get rid of the infection, salt water gargles: salt with iodine usually does better than plain salt, make sure the salt is disolved, use water as hot as you can handle. Gargles take a few times to help.

Things to remember, if it hurts so much that you can't stop crying go to the ER.

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