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This is what I found on the Listerine and baby oil treatment

1/3 Listerine (original formula) 1/3 baby oil and 1/3 water Put in a spray bottle,
shake well and spray it on. This is quite similar to the formula recommended for dogs'
itchy hot spots. The herbal oils in Listerine may have some antifungal or antibacterial

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Can u tell me if it mouth wash and how many times a week

Farmer General

It would be wise never to reply to any one regarding 'medical advise' as the Drug Pushers don't like it.

I can say however, immediately after spraying, my dog stopped crying and itching and whining. Probably the first time in 2 weeks that he has looked relaxed and comfortable.


Hi my dog also has mange and I'm all about natural treatments can you please send me more info about this treatment like what the measurements are and how often should I do it ? Thanks !


I need to knw how many times, and, if he licks it is good for him or now,

stefani pitt puppe

I have all the same questions with my pitbull puppy. Especially if I can use Scope or Crest instead. please get back to me soon. Thanks!


hello I have a German Shepherd have me know movie treat the inside the formula please email me back


Will it hurt her to lick it?? I started this treatment today..immediately after,I noticed she was no longer crying and scratching..I pray rbis works..also giving garlic and putting organic apple cider vinegar on everybodys food..please let me know if it hurts them to lick it??


..I just sprayed the baby oil / listerine mixture on my akita and she has stopped biting! I will keep you posted.

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