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This is what I found on the Listerine and baby oil treatment

1/3 Listerine (original formula) 1/3 baby oil and 1/3 water Put in a spray bottle,
shake well and spray it on. This is quite similar to the formula recommended for dogs'
itchy hot spots. The herbal oils in Listerine may have some antifungal or antibacterial

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I have a black lab and im trying to heal him fast and i dont have money for the vet Can you. Give me more info


Can you please give me more info on how to use this treatment. How long do I leave it on there before a bath and how many times I need to do this. My e-mail is Thank you


hi could you please email me how long you leave it on for and how many times a day as i have a staffie bitch please send to any info would be greatly helpful


I know that Listerine mouthwash is an antiseptic and can be used to treat dandruff and athletes foot so I was going to try it on my dog for this black skin yeast problem. I came to web and got some conformation before trying it. I read about using olive oil. I scrubbed him down with olive oil and cotton. Waited 10 mins. Took him to tub mixed his shampoo with Listerine scrubbed him down. Pored a little Listerine on bad areas and waited about 5 mins before rinsing. Read to use baking soda as a final rinse 3tbls to cup water. He feels good now. Will try 2x wk as recommended.


like the previous commenters can you send me more info on how many times i need to spray my dog and how long? also do you know if the same formula would work on scabies? please send me the info at and put mange as the subject please and thank you so much!


Please send me more information about the listerine, baby oil mixture. How often do I use it, how long do I leave it on, and will it hurt my dog if she licks it? Please email me at THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!


Can some one please tell me if its the mouth wash and how many times a week? im in need fast!


Could you please let me know the proper amounts of mixture. It says 1/3 of each...but 1/3 it a cup, a tablespoon...or just equal parts of each. Also, does anyone know if it is common if i have three dogs for only one to get it. They are together all the time but only my one mastiff has it bad. Thank you.


This really works. I was sceptical at first. Then I tried it and it really works. I noticed a result an 24 hours of doing it.


Can u send me the same info about the mouth wash and baby oil as I av a male Staffie in need of treatment thank you

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