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This is what I found on the Listerine and baby oil treatment

1/3 Listerine (original formula) 1/3 baby oil and 1/3 water Put in a spray bottle,
shake well and spray it on. This is quite similar to the formula recommended for dogs'
itchy hot spots. The herbal oils in Listerine may have some antifungal or antibacterial

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can u give more detail on the treatment, like before or after a bath? leave in ?how many time a week?how do u know when their gone? e-mail thanks soooo much!


Could you send me the same info as the previous commentator also let me know if Scope would work? please put Doggy Mange as the subject.


Oh can you let me know to and will it work on a baby pig email is thank you so much Iris :)


My dog has the same symptoms. I'm just wondering is it listerine mouth wash? And could u send me more information on... do I leave it in and how many times a week to apply. Email me at

Thank you


Can u send me same info as kokenia please greatly appreciate it.


My I please get the same Info. my puppy really needs to heal...Please send at Thank you


I tried it twice and saw a diffrence right away. I just don't know how many times a week I should use it.


Same here. Can you sex me the extra info please. I have a pitbull greyhound mix and I have never known what to give her for it. The vet is too expensive and i dont have the money for it. Extra info PLEASE at


When I said 'Can you sex me the info', i ment to type send. Srry

Linda from Long Island

I would love to know if listerine and baby oil really helps the itch. can you please email me and let me know if your dog relly stopped icthing? Thanks

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