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Ramona Flowers

Green tea is a complete expert when it comes to weight loss. I've been drinking it for just a few months now and have gained incredibly visible results. I am also not dieting or taking any weight loss pills, which just proves the power of the tea. One to three cups a day should be fine.

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I have lost a mind boggling amount of fat in a safe healthy way over the last few months. (Not the usual) see how I did it here . I love my new sculpted body. Summer Here I come

Little l

Omg I had never known that I believe I'll try it yay


i also take the herbal tea i love the stuff i get it from its a herbal tea concentrate in powder foam so i can just put some in my drink of water bottle and go.


I can agree with tea being a good way to lose weight, part of that is because you are getting the liquid in your diet that you need to lose weight. If we are not drinking a lot of water, (tea) we will not have the other end working as smoothly as it should. There is a lot of information about diet and health in my website healthy living thoughts, you may want to check it out.


a doctor told me that tea isnt really good for your body, due to the caffiene and sugar. It also drys your skin out


What doctor would say that? Tea is perfectly fine for your body. The caffeine helps you lose weight, and there is a great deal less caffeine in tea than in coffee. As for the sugar thing, a little sugar in tea won't make you fat. Cut out flour before you cut out sugar.


make sure you drink plenty of water because teas are dehydrate.


hi can I drink lemon ginger green tea....


Hi can u pls tell me which brand (company) green tea should we drink

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