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I found this website yesterday, after finally coming to the realization that I have BV, and have had it for a very long time. The way I battled it? The absolute worst: I have worn tampons for the better part of my post-adolescent life. If I wanted to have sex, I would use the restroom, take it out, freshen up, hope he didn't notice anything funky, and replace it the next day. I got so tired of doing this I went to the doctor who prescribed flagyl, and that wiped it out for about 2 months. Now it is back. I was so, so happy that I was tampon-free for these last couple months, but now I realize this is some sort of condition I'm going to have to deal with forever, since it's back.

Anyway, yesterday I came across this board and went straight to the store where I picked up a big bottle of hydrogen peroxide, a bottle of Cranberry fruit 4200mg (plus vitamin C), a bottle of Pro-biotic Acidophilus (1 billion active culture), and a very big plastic syringe (like the type for administering medicine to kids, similar to a turkey baster I suppose). These are the few things that I noticed that kept reappearing as remedies, so this is what I chose. I went home, mixed equal parts hot water and room temp H2O2, laid on my bed with two thick towels under my bottom and injected it right in douche-style. I probably did too much since it mostly came right back out (but I've never done this so you have to make allowances). I let it sit there for at least ten minutes while I played on my phone or watched tv, I could feel it fizzle and pop but nothing was uncomfortable. After I felt like it was done, I took a warm bath (no soaps of any kind, just water), then before I got out I used a white washcloth, put some hydrogen peroxide on it and wiped real good down there. I didn't put on ANY underwear, just a sleepshirt. I took two each of the cranberry and acidophilus pills. As I sit here I don't smell anything, I went to the restroom and checked my COTTON undies, nothing yucky or smelly. I smelled the little bit of discharge I had (I would guess a normal amount for normal folks?) with my finger and it wasn't unpleasant at all. I wouldn't be embarrassed if my beau went down there for a little while, which is exactly what I plan on doing later, provided the situation hasn't changed!

Thank you so much for your help. If you've found this site, you're not alone, try anything, and maybe the first things you try work for you (like mine hopefully has). I plan on douching as often as needed, continuing with 2-4 pills of the cranberry/acidophilus a day, and peeing RIGHT AFTER intercourse. And then probably a quick H2O2 douche while I'm already in the bathroom. Good luck ladies.

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I followed this regimen almost to a tee, and it does work!! Last night, I filled a syringe that I got from a beauty supply store for a $1 with 1/4 H2O : 1/4 H2O2, sat on a towel on the floor, and administered the solution douche- style.. Since she said most of the solution came out, I did half of the string first, laid with that for 5 minutes, then did the rest and sat for another 10-15 minutes.. All of the solution eventually came out onto the towel over that time.. After, I then sat in a hot (not warm) tub for about 10 minutes, then wiped really well with a washcloth that had H2O2 on it.. I had to use the bathroom afterwards and was honestly very upset because I could still smell a little funk.. I didn't have any cranberry or Acidophilus pills, but I drank a large glass of cranberry juice. Went to sleep about an hour later, and now this morning, no smell and no discharge at all. I ate a serving a yogurt and will drink more cranberry juice and plenty of water throughout the day and guage any changes.. But all in all, great remedy!! So glad to have found something not involving prescription medicine, that medicine made me sick!! Thank you so much!


And to add to my previous comment, no panties is right, you shouldn't sleep with any anyway unless they're cotton.. And the biggest yes was the peeing after sex.. That's how I got back into this mess in the first place, lol.. that'll be my new rule #1 in avoiding this.


If you slow down and read her whole post......She 1st layed on her bed and inserted the peroxide solution & layed there on 2 towels for about 10 min or until she felt it stopped fizzing she took a clear water bat after, then went to bed without a nightshirt on & no panties.
The next day she noticed a little bit of discharge on her white cotton panties which she checked and it had no smell.
It seems to be working well for her.

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