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I found this website yesterday, after finally coming to the realization that I have BV, and have had it for a very long time. The way I battled it? The absolute worst: I have worn tampons for the better part of my post-adolescent life. If I wanted to have sex, I would use the restroom, take it out, freshen up, hope he didn't notice anything funky, and replace it the next day. I got so tired of doing this I went to the doctor who prescribed flagyl, and that wiped it out for about 2 months. Now it is back. I was so, so happy that I was tampon-free for these last couple months, but now I realize this is some sort of condition I'm going to have to deal with forever, since it's back.

Anyway, yesterday I came across this board and went straight to the store where I picked up a big bottle of hydrogen peroxide, a bottle of Cranberry fruit 4200mg (plus vitamin C), a bottle of Pro-biotic Acidophilus (1 billion active culture), and a very big plastic syringe (like the type for administering medicine to kids, similar to a turkey baster I suppose). These are the few things that I noticed that kept reappearing as remedies, so this is what I chose. I went home, mixed equal parts hot water and room temp H2O2, laid on my bed with two thick towels under my bottom and injected it right in douche-style. I probably did too much since it mostly came right back out (but I've never done this so you have to make allowances). I let it sit there for at least ten minutes while I played on my phone or watched tv, I could feel it fizzle and pop but nothing was uncomfortable. After I felt like it was done, I took a warm bath (no soaps of any kind, just water), then before I got out I used a white washcloth, put some hydrogen peroxide on it and wiped real good down there. I didn't put on ANY underwear, just a sleepshirt. I took two each of the cranberry and acidophilus pills. As I sit here I don't smell anything, I went to the restroom and checked my COTTON undies, nothing yucky or smelly. I smelled the little bit of discharge I had (I would guess a normal amount for normal folks?) with my finger and it wasn't unpleasant at all. I wouldn't be embarrassed if my beau went down there for a little while, which is exactly what I plan on doing later, provided the situation hasn't changed!

Thank you so much for your help. If you've found this site, you're not alone, try anything, and maybe the first things you try work for you (like mine hopefully has). I plan on douching as often as needed, continuing with 2-4 pills of the cranberry/acidophilus a day, and peeing RIGHT AFTER intercourse. And then probably a quick H2O2 douche while I'm already in the bathroom. Good luck ladies.

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Try the BV Treatment. You can find it in walmart or cvs. Its the only thing that works for me. It works right away after inserting the first pill.


What is the nameof the BV treatment?


Treat with something internal and you will probably get a better result. You can get this from whole foods or a health food store its called ultimate flora vaginal support. It has 10 probiotic Strains and 50Billion Live Cultures. It's a little pricey about $30 per bottle and it has to remain in the refrigerator but its made specifically for womens vaginal & Urinary health. Once you get rid of the bad bacteria you have to replace it with the good bacteria and this is what Ultimate Flora Does


Hi I was very interested in what you had to say until you said that you had a bath and put NO underwear on just a sleep shirt, then you said you watched TV played on your phone then checked your COTTON undies..WHICH was it, it is when mistakes like these have been made that people feel unsure if the results are true..carol


you only want to douche as least as possible as a result of douching more than once weekly will result in removing all bacterias good and bad, and your problems will just reoccur.. So my advice is douche only when extremely necessary ladies!! As for the post on not wearing undies and then checking your undies to see if there was an odor. Which was it? Did you use the the remedy or not as this misleads us to know if you did try the remedy an if it actually worked or not.


She said while waiting for ten minutes after douching she played on her phone laying on the bed!!!!!!! Then took bath n wore no undies. So which is it can you read or not?


She does say she took pills n checked undies. Your right . . I will keep u posted cause I am gonna try it. .


After reading what she wrote I see the underwear confusion but notice that it was 'yesterday' she did those things and 'today' she is writing about it. She just forgot to mention the day w/o undies had passed. I for one am going to try her method to rid it and them go tithe whole foods/health store for the good bacteria pills. Good luck everyone.

chronic harris

Wow you are the first one who i can truly relate to. I wear tampons everyday to prevent the smell from coming out. Flagyl works temporarily and it comes bk even when i dont have sex and i havent had sex in over a year and its just here all the time, i had even stop douching for over a year now and i go to my doctors and asks if its something else and they say no but i will try your remedy and see how it works for me.


Make sure your boyfriend is treated as well. I had a boyfriend who everytime we had sex it would come back. We broke up and I have been BV free for a year. I think it was him (which sounds weird but totally possible) His ex became one of my good friends and told me she got BV all the time with him because he had a 'dirty d***' It's not about being dirty though. The boys never treat themselves because they have no symtoms.. But think about it like this: you have sex with him while you are infected (even if its just a little bit, not badly infected) and then you do all these remedies to clear it and you think its gone... It is gone and would prob stay gone, but then you have sex with someone who was having sex with you while you had the infection. It will keep on going and going unless he takes antibiotics, and probiotics after and you do the same, and yall stop having sex for atleast two maybe three weeks. This is my advice and it's worked for me for a year. Also if a guy ever smells kinda funny (even just a tiny bit) NEVER have sex with him because A)it could be something way worse than BV or B)it could be bad bacteria that will make your BV flare up like a son of a gun. I don't care if this guy is amazing and crazy adorable: don't do it. Also always always shower after sex, NOT bath but SHOWER. If I even feel it coming on I insert probiotics down there with a tampon covered in plain yogurt. It goes away right away as long as : you don't eat candy (I know your craving it) don't drink alcohol, and don't drink coffee or soft drinks, also no smoking! Take vitamin C and get plenty of rest and water. It will all go away but only if you tell your boyfriend he has to be treated to.I'm sure people will think 'boys cant get BV what's this chick talking about?' However; they can get bad bacteria down there just like us... and after all isn't that what BV is?? :)

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