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awake late at night need help look here

ive never really took care of my teeth so id be a 9 on a 1-10 ...i know how it is

here you go
1.obviously dentist
2.clove oil
3 if your 21 wiskey
4.smokeing a cig slows blood flow less pain bath does wonders (you wont want to get out
6.warm rag on outside of face
7.sleep with infected side of face agianst the back of couch..(helps keep ice pack up
9.keep pressure on side of face seems to help
10.put sensitivity toothpaste on tooth (glob it on)
11.bite down on tea bag
12.bite down on skin inbetween your thumb and pointer finger (old foketale)
13.matters to type on tooth pain but cold water on tooth(hold it in mouth)can hurt it more but has worked for me
14.this tooth paste called prevident
15.lemon juice acid kills things in mouth and throat(works for sore throat to)
16. try to eat bread get some in the hole of tooth it covers the nerve
17.ive took to many so i stop takeing any pill now but pain killer/antinflamitory

if all that dont work im sure u need it removed
ive had tooth problems for years i know it sucks ....badly...
heres some things not to do

1.stop eating thing or cold food
3.dont touch tooth with your tongue....very bad
4.pick at them
5.use your mouth to open things.
6.bite down

hope this helps all i know

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Thanks for all the suggestions, its nice to see so many ideas :)


awesome everything worked especially the bread and cig

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