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Sgt. Randy Hammontree

I just found this site about 30 minutes ago because my wife and I tried 3 of the Zodiac foggers yesterday and when we returned home not only were the fleas still alive but a few were just hanging out on the cans. The rest were jumping and clinging to our legs as we walked through the house. Needless to say, I will be going back to Pet Supply and demanding a refund tomorrow!

We bathed our male cat 'Buddy' with Blue Dawn and it worked great, except for all the ones that ran to his belly as he let us know he was tired of bathing lol. We then took a flea comb to him and dried him. He was purring and so relieved, before the bath he was staying on the top shelf of the closet like he was trying to avoid the hardwood floor. Tonight he jumped in bed with us acting crazy so I got up and he led me to the sink and jumped in like he wanted a bath. So that led me to this site for help.

I read a lot on here about citrus working well to get rid of fleas so after searching through the house all I could find was Citrus Spic and Span. I tested it by putting a lamp between my feet which attracted the fleas then I sprayed my legs with the Spic and Span. The young ones died soon as the spray hit them and the older ones lasted no longer than 4 or 5 seconds before they died. So I have sprayed they whole house with it and can walk through now without 10 or more being on my legs.. Yay!!

So in conclusion, Zodiac Foggers = waste of money, Citrus Spic and Span = great temporary, hopefully long term solution.. Hope this helps someone..

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I have read your remedy, my cat is an indoor cat and suddenly she has fleas, I bought a flea help, I bought raid carpet and furniture spray for the fleas, okay for still scratching!!!, I put fleas powder and still flea collar I combed her hair in an upward motion rubbed in flea powder and still no relief... my cat does not like water...what can I do?


Cedar oil (natural) real cedar chips in animals bedding. Oil on animals is safe, pesky fleas don't like the oil.


im not to sure what to do about the fleas on your cat but last year we had problems with fleas from our dogs everytime we walked thru the house we had fleas on our legs our solution that helped more than anything is take bowls and fill half way with water mix some dish soap in it about 1tbsp for smaller bowls then you can put them under furniture in corners and under lamps at night if you have any night lights set bowls under them and shut all other lights off. Sounds crazy but when the fleas jump in the soap pulls them to the bottom and they drown. We tried powders sprays foggers and this was all that worked


'eddie' We are talking about flea prevention!! Take your scams elsewhere.


My dog was tore up and home infested. It was horrible situation for both my dog and family--tried several methods, this is what worked for me.
--Dog in tub: Gave him a bath in Blue Dawn liquid two hours ago--he only scratched once sense and it was on his foot...probably missed it a little. He was infested --the fleas were all over the tub. My buddy is peacefully sleeping now, first time in a week due to itching. No scratching.
---House: I took 5 fresh Lemons, first i scrapped the outer zest of 4 lemons with a potato peeler in a bowl, I then cut the lemons into slices and squeezed the juice into the bowl with the lemon zest, added about 16 oz of water to lemon mixture put water/Lemon mix in pot and boiled..I then added a whole bunch of table salt--at least a full salt shaker. When mixture cooler put it in spray bottle--sprayed all over the carpet, sofa, everywhere--the fleas were jumping all over at first---but in about 2 hours most are dead.
I promise it works

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