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Feeling bad for boyfriend.

I have to say there are a lot of idea's here. My boyfriend has an abcessed in his gums. I plan on trying a few of these on him to see if it helps. And for the people who say go to the ER or dentist that's easier said than done. 1. What if you have no dental ins? And 2. What of you don't have a job? You can't afford a 1,000 trip to see someone. Healthcare unfortunately is only for the rich. So thank you to the other posters I'm really hoping one of these works.

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Darlene Rangel

I'm with you. My son has an abcessed tooth, has no job, and no insurance. The hospital here won't treat teeth and the dentist here charges over 250.00 just to pull one tooth and that was about four years ago. And me myself had no choiuce but to pull my own tooth. So yes we will try some of these remedies.

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