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I've suffered from RLS off and on since I was a pre-teen and have found it unbearable at times, especially during pregnancy. The best remedy I've found is to take a freezing cold bath before bed. The water is just deep enough to cover my legs. Even though it's about 5-10 minutes of serious discomfort, it leads to hours of sleep and it doesn't involve taking any pills.

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I do it in a shorter way, first I let warm water (40°C or more) on my legs and then I let very cold water on my legs.(systeme sauna and cold)


Very interesting, as we do ice baths after a particularly grueling CrossFit workout...I haven't been brave enough to dunk my body in ice yet but I'm getting desperate enough that I might at least start off with a cold bath!


That's interesting because when mine gets out of control, I make my feet cold by standing on the tile floor. It absorbs the heat from my feet. After a few minutes of this I can usually get to sleep.

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