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My two daughters just had lice. My pediatrician told me two ways to get it out. One, get Kraft mayo - the kind with olive oil in it. Saturate the scalp and hair, then get a cheap sleeping cap from the drugstore. Leave it on overnight and wash out in the morning. It suffocates the lice. My youngest daughter is 2 and had visable lice, I used it on her and it worked like a charm. I also did the same for my husband and myself just in case! -It's also a great moisturizer. The second treatment my pediatrician recommended is using Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. Go to to get the full instructions. (I did this treatment) I also did a backup. There is a new treatment by Rx only -Natroba. It is pretty expensive but my dr gave me a $35 mail in rebate for it. This is a topical gel you apply to hair, let sit 10 minutes, and rinse out. It kills all lice and nits with no coming (I combed anyways just in case) No more lice! This was by far the easiest and quickest way to get rid of them.

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Wow!! Im really amazed have not heard of a Rx that kills lice an eggs,because I have read that Rx does not work either will ask my Dr. About it thanx for da update!!!! Gives me hope


Worked like a charm on both my granddaughters who came home from their Father's with it. You could see them dead in the cap when we took it off. Highly recommend for anyone!!!!

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