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I have suffered from anxiety all my life and now as a grandmother I find as I look back on my life that things could have been different. What ever it takes to feel at peace is worth trying. Pray, exercise vitamins and talk therapy all helped me, but sometime life circumstances just will cause reoccurrences. I am dealing with a chronically ill husband; and I find I worry continually about his health which in turn causes me to obcess about mine. I struggle with white coat hypetension, etc. My doctor reassures me that things are not as bad as I envision them, but we all know for the short term this is helpful, but ultimately we become trapped again by our thoughts. I truly believe that anxiety is a form of genetic imbalance that is given to us at birth and will be with us forever. I look for 'pockets of peace' throughout my day and when they appear, I feel so thankful!! Keep the faith, breathe deep and remember we are not alone.

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Thank you for sharing your insights. I have grown kids, no grandkids yet, and I become very anxious about different things and am always looking for friendly advice and sharing. Have you ever tried aromoatherapy? I believe in it, from deeply inhaling coffee before preparing to using essential oils to help lessen specific symptoms. Peace!

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