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Timmy G

Just eat an Apple! It works!!!

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I am eating the apple right now and the heartburn is going away!


My heartburn woke me up, after reading these home remedies I tried the apple method and it worked. I was able to sleep soon after.


NOT working... at all :-(


remember when eating an apple to eat the skin also, it should help


I read te stuff on here, I have been suffering from Heartburn for 2 day! Its 3am and I wanted something to just let me sleep! Too tired to make hot tea, honey and lemon juice. We are out of Mustard. I had 2 slices of apple... Just had one big burp, waiting for the rest of them. Feeling a bit better.... Do I have to have the Whole apple??


Just had the whole apple, for you newbies like me- yes u have to have the whole apple- I had a red apple, sit upright, you have to force the burps out avoiding barfing out the apple. Keep a break of a few mins between apple slices you can work on burping on breaks. Check the time between this comment and the last one by me- thats how long it might take, keep forcing the burps till you don't feel like your chest is going to blow up. Seriously! I feel like a gas chamber! No spicy food for the next few days!! G'nite, Im going to get sleep- finally!!


Really works nd if it doesn't
u need to see a doctor


Does it matter what color apple?


try a couple spoonfulls of aple cider vinegar...


Thank you for saving this nine months pregnant lady at 4am! The apple was magic and worked almost instantly! Definitely worked better than my Tums and Zantac combined!

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