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i'm a 26 year old female, a nurse, and a bit of a hippie i guess, and i recently noticed some smallish but horribly itchy bumps right on the right side of the opening of my vagina... so i had them checked at the doctor and she said they could either be skin tags or genital warts, which didn't tell me much. she did a freezing on them, but truth be told it didn't really do anything, though she had warned it would likely take a few visits to completely get rid of whatever it was.

in my youth i had horrible plantar warts on my feet, and it always took so long to get rid of them.

anyways, since i'm impatient i found this site and began the apple cider vinegar method (that shit cures everything i swear), and i just wadded up some toilet paper and soaked it with acv and held ti against the area - it burns like absolute stinging hell, but its worth it. i had it there for about an hour, and then because my pussy felt a bit fried i decided to leave it for a couple days and i alternated with tea tree oil. just wiping it on with qtips whenever i'm in the bathroom. it tingles, but its a good tingle!

i've also been taking echinacea, garlic pills, vitamin e, iron, and vitamin c, and i've been downing those vitamin water 10cal drinks, and i've seen quite a bit of improvement!

the small warts fell off in the bath this morning, and the 2 larger ones are now the size of the small ones.

i remember once my doctor explained to me that warts are like unwanted company.. as long as you keep feeding them they're gonna stick around, so what you need to do is make your body as inhospitable as possible for them... keep your body healthy, get some exercise, quit your damn smoking because it's bad as hell for you, and most importantly - chill the fuck out.

yes we have warts. yes they're gross as hell, but really what's freaking out going to do? it's going to trigger stress which is then going to trigger more warts or make your existing warts even bigger.

try to be nice to yourself and ladies - realize this.. i'm by no means a slut, and i got this from another GIRL. it can happen to anyone and it just happens. my doc said she treats it all the time and she doesn't feel it's a big deal. she also recommended against the gardasil vaccine, because of the whacko side effects (and also possibly because a girl here in my town ended up in a wheelchair because of it.. she's 14.. and call me nuts but i'd rather have some warts on my shit than be in a wheelchair unable to move my legs).

thanks to everyone for writing in this topic. it really helped me.
i will update as i learn more.

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i would like to know just a little more about this acv myself i read all the comments and understand for the most part... so do u apply once a day? and how long would u recommend keeping the rag or papper towel on there for? also can u buy acv from the grocery store? ive heard of it before but never knew where to get it from. one more question does the banana pillings work good aswhile? im dying to know a little more info on this topic need safe and affective way of getting rid of this mess.

hippie nurse

sorry folks i havent been online a lot lately - been busy. i've been having my warts frozen off at the doctors office once a week for about 3 weeks now and depending on the size of the warts, they burn off right away and don't come back. i had several small ones and they are gone. but the two larger ones are taking longer. i still apply acv in the evenings and tea tree oil. still doing a vitamin regiment, and i also just got vaccinated with gardasil - my doctor said that she and another doc have noticed that even if you have genital warts, vaccinating with gardasil is a good idea and can also help to heal them up..

i still have 2 stubborn ones but they are half the size they were before.

i ended up burning my vagina really bad with acv and my doctor said to take it easy with that stuff, and in truth the nitro freezing spray works way better is less painful... and there's nothing to be embarassed about.. don't stress - doctors and nurses see so many tits and asses and genitals that you'd really have to do something for them to be shocked.. this is just my personal experience.. if you've seen one ass, you've seen em all..

don't fret guys.
and for those who want me to contact them directly, just put down an email and i will.

banana peel works and is painless. it gives healthy enzymes to the skin. just pop a banana peel in your pants and go about your day.. perhaps put in a pantyliner if you don't want banana mush in your undies.

don't overdo the acv though - i did and it huuurt like a mother.


Dear hippie nurse, I know this post is old...but please help me. I'm totally stressed out with my warts and I know Im not supposed to be. But fuck these warts seriously... please help. My email: will be much appreciated. Thanks..


Hello Hippie Nurse, I would like some suggestions for how to sooth an existing irritation due to white vinegar application. Normally, I use acv for normal washing during and after my period (since blood is alkaline) and the acv has helped me maintain Ph. It has never effected me negatively... but I have had a strong and painful reaction to distilled white vinegar. It has now been 3-4 days and I am uncomfortable. my email is Thank you very much!


Acv burns the hell out of genital warts. You can feel them bleeding and then disappear. It is super painful, but really works


Hi, I realize that this is an old thread but I want to share my experience using acv on my vagina for others who may be searching for help online like I was. Just like "hillbilly" (lol), I burned the hell out of my vagina. Be CAREFUL with the acv. I left it on the inner "lips" for about 28 total hrs with cotton balls & paper tape, changing the dressing & cider twice. It burns really, really bad. And afterwards I can't hardly stand to walk. One small wart is gone though & the big one is smaller. So it worked somewhat, but oh God sweet baby Jesus, the pain!! I know I left it on too long. Your inner labia minora is super sensitive to this stuff, please only do it for a few minutes at a time if your going to do it and only spot treat the warts with a qtip. Be careful not to get acv on the good skin surrounding your wart. Good luck to anyone reading this. Your not alone. Acv produced some results for me but at a very PAINFUL, BURNING cost.

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